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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)

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Some Twitter sightings of Leo riding his Citibike from Friday 20th

Jenessa Schacht

‏@JenessaSchacht Just saw @LeoDiCaprio getting on a #citibike. My #NYC experience is complete. I did remain cool. Kind of. #don'tjudge #he'smyfavorite.

The Twitter acct below is done as if the tweeter's 3yr is writing the tweets , thus the phrasing "mommy's crush"

Vivie Bella Papaleo ‏@Vivie_Bella · Jun 20

Mommy's crush #LeonardoDiCaprio just gazed at her momentarily with a smile as he #citibike north on allen st. #nyc #heartthrob


Tks for new pix of Leo at restaurant the day he attended the World Cup games :)


Tks for pix of Leo walking in NY ; lucky person to work in area where you often see Leo walking /biking :p

Also, tks, for pix of Leo at 75 Main restaurant in Southampton

I noticed on the restaurant website there are pix of the owner (Zach Erdem) with all the various celebs who have eaten there, included in the

slide show is an older one of Erdem with Leo below

Also, I noticed that when Leo was dining there last night that Erdem posted a tweet about Leo being there

zach erdem @zacherdem · 13h

Leo dicaprio lovers he is at 75 main


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From Twitter ; would love to be in a position to know :p

Louann Zacarias ‏@louannzac · 3m

“@aine_merritt: Our waiter is telling us how he waited on leonardo dicaprio blake lively and drake” he said Leo was the best smelling man

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For those who didn't watch the mainstream, heres a vid of Leo speaking in Washington :)



Thank you all for the updates! I really can't wait until Leo starts filming...I wonder if we'll start to see changes in his appearance soon to get into the Revenant character :)

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Tks for more Brazil pix , as well as , Leo 's Ocean Conference speech :)

As to Leo's look for Revenant , going by the book / pix of real Hugh Glass , I think he will grow his beard even fuller , and his maybe even longer

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^I was thinking more in terms of his body. Whether hes gonna bulk up, or slim down, etc. ;)


Leonardo DiCaprio - A group of women stand outside 75 Main restaurant in the Hamptons, New York, where actor Leornardo DiCaprio was having dinner with Richie Akiva and friends - Southampton, New York, United States - Sunday 22nd June 2014



 1.jpg 11.jpg


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Leonardo DiCaprio denies birthday girl photo-op

Leonardo DiCaprio partied with Q-Tip Saturday night at Meatpacking nightclub Up & Down.
Spies said “The Great Gatsby” star — who’s working with Q-Tip and Jonah Hill on a TV series set in the world of 1980s hip-hop — was at the club with the A Tribe Called Quest rapper and friends when a partying blonde, celebrating her birthday at the next booth, “fell into their area.”
Leo suavely “said ‘Happy birthday’ to the girl,” a source said.
But when asked for a photo, he responded, “‘Sorry, not tonight.’”



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Tks for 2 articles :)

First , as to NY Post article they have to have the day of the supposed Q Tip / Leo visit wrong as Fash posted a pix of Leo with 75 Main restaurant owner taken Saturday night

Plus the owner tweeted he was there Sat night , so he couldn't be there and Meatpacking

area at same time

And as to not taking pix with girl , as we fans know Leo

never poses for pix in clubs

If he did , he'd be doing that all night rather than enjoying his private time with friends :p

As to 75 Main pix , I wouldn't be surprised if that was really from Sat night when the owner tweeted to all that he was there

As to Leo / Revenant. , I guess it depends on what order they do the scenes , but much of the film his character is critically injured / very sick , so I guess it depends if they want his body frame to show his lack of food

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^Thanks for your response! I see Jude Law is also in the background of the club pic, so IDK when it was from...but as to the 75 main pics maybe he was there two nights in a row? I guess it really doesn't matter though :p 


As to the Revenant it will be interesting to start seeing him get into character these next couple of months...speaking of we have a filming locaton :chicken: Hows the pap situation in New Mexico? :D  :whistle:


It won't let me copy and paste, but heres the article for an open casting call and mentions its going to be filmined there!



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Tks for article about where they will be filming Revenant , great find :clap: :clap:

If you recall awhile back I found an article that stated they were scouting areas in Canada for filming , nice to see they found a closer area

I even wondered if they might use the area in California that Tarantino used for the mountain scenes in Django

As to the 75 Main restaurant pix , yes, if Leo spent the weekend in the Hamptons , he might have dined there both nights

And if I lived nearby , and saw the tweet that he had been there Sat night and was still in town , II would have checked it out the next night :p


I've read several articles recently about the Q Tip / Leo project , so it could be that it is happening now

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Some more weekend Leo sightings from Sunday ; one that mentions Leo being with his pal Kevin C

The guy who said he saw Leo & Kevin lives in Sag Harbor , which is mentioned in 2nd tweet


Kevin Duchemin ‏@kduchemin · Jun 22

Just met Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Connelly

Kristen Fedor

‏@KristenMFedor Leo DiCaprio is in downtown Sag Harbor while I'm at work in East Hampton because I'm so #blessed and #lucky

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Below is article from NY Daily news about the Kardashians with mentions of Leo ,Kevin, and Richie

And while they don't name the NY Post they do mention their Up&Down sighting from Saturday, saying that it was wrong as Leo was having dinner at 75 Mainin Southampton that same night :p

Just posting the excerpts that mention Leo

at 1Oak nightclub with a posse of pals, including owner Richie Akiva, Kevin Connolly and a bearded Leonardo DiCaprio, who we’re surprised didn’t bump into the wall on the way to Disick’s banquette with his hat pulled entirely over his eyes. One report had placed Leo and his pals at Up & Down in the Meatpacking District on Saturday night, but he was actually eating dinner at 75 Main in Southampton.

“He arrived at 12:30 a.m. Scott came in through the front door, 20 minutes later Kevin and Leo came in through the back door,” says our spy. “Kevin was messing with photographers, pointing at Leo, saying ‘get his picture! He loves to have his picture taken!’”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/kourtney-kardashian-scott-disick-troubles-scripted-reality-show-sources-article-1.1840431#ixzz35W9hnVij


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Hi all,


nice to hear something's happening with a new Leo film again. When this one starts, it will be close to two years since he was last on a set.



thanks for the article. It may be that they will in fact film in NM, but it's also likely that they are just looking for appropriate background actors there. They might repeat the same casting call in other locations, if they're looking for Native American extras.

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