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  1. Hello all, we might hear something about The Revenant today. Fox is having its presentation at Cinemacon. https://twitter.com/arcticninja/status/591260705837297664
  2. katchitup, last I remember, The Devil in the White City had a rewrite from Graham Moore (the screenwriter of The Imitation Game) back in 2013.
  3. Thanks, oxford for the news. BarbieErin, you should wonder out loud more often Are we sure Leo is starring in it, though? I read elsewhere he is only producing. If he is to also star, he'd have to play a 20-year-old. Unless the new script focuses on his life after the trial, and the events in the 70s are in flashbacks.
  4. I'm curious, as well, but we might not hear something until The Revenant is over. Perhaps during its promotion. Leo might need an "easier" film next and the Jonah Hill movie you mentioned sounds like it could be the thing, since his part would be a supporting role.
  5. Thanks, oxford I think director Darren Aronofsky is on the same group that toured the plant: https://twitter.com/DarrenAronofsky/status/502605592587149313
  6. katchitup, thanks for the list Since Leo's primary audience is not teenagers and since he's not part of a franchise that is aimed at selling merchandise to kids and teens, the score he received is not at all problematic, imo, and could be even considered irrelevant. FashionDream, I think the article mentions that Leo was chosen because his Q score is high:
  7. Hi all, nice to hear something's happening with a new Leo film again. When this one starts, it will be close to two years since he was last on a set. katchitup, thanks for the article. It may be that they will in fact film in NM, but it's also likely that they are just looking for appropriate background actors there. They might repeat the same casting call in other locations, if they're looking for Native American extras.
  8. hi all, so glad for the good reviews the film is getting! osa castillo, thanks for the photo. It looks like it was from the Charlie Rose show...
  9. Hi all, The blue thing could be an airplane pillow. oxford, can you tell me which video is on the bottom right of your signature? The black-and-white one. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, thanks for the continuous updates. Ed Norton is hosting SNL this weekend. Do you think Leo might be at the audience to support him?
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