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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)

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From Wall Street Journal : DiCaprio Hosts Art Auction The Great Gatsby Would Have Loved

At one point during a charity art auction Monday at Christie’s in New York, actor Leonardo DiCaprio—sitting in the front row—pivoted around in his seat to wave at someone sitting farther back. Auctioneer Jussi Pylkkanen, who was fielding bids from his rostrum, looked down and said, “Are you bidding, Leo? This is an auction. You don’t wave to your friends during an auction.”

Mr. DiCaprio grinned and turned around in his seat, but his chagrin—like so much of Christie’s entire sale—was pure theater. The actor had organized this “11th Hour” sale to raise funds for his environmental causes, and he made sure Christie’s Rockefeller Center saleroom was packed with Hollywood pals like Bradley Cooper, Tobey Maguire, Mark Ruffalo and Lukas Haas. Salma Hayek, whose father-in-law Francois Pinault owns Christie’s, also turned up.

The wrangling paid off: The sale’s 33 works wound up selling for a combined $33.3 million, with proceeds (minus Christie’s 5% commission) going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which funds efforts to stem deforestation and save tigers in places like Nepal. The auction also spurred an additional $5 million in related donations, the house said.


Takashi Murakami’s $735,000 Mononoke, purchased by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.Mr. DiCaprio ran the show like the character he plays in “The Great Gatsby,” nodding in approval whenever artworks sold high. He stood and applauded when Mr. Maguire won a pair of paintings: Sergej Jensen’s $262,500 untitled abstract—created from sewn money bags—and Rob Pruitt’s $315,000 portrait of a rainbow hued panda, “6:20 p.m., Late Summer.”

Mr. DiCaprio won an artwork as well, Takashi Murakami’s $735,000 “Mononoke,” but he won’t be able to take it home right away because the canvas is still wet and won’t be “completed” until September, the auction house said.

No other celebrities raised their paddles during the sale, but it didn’t matter because the rest of the audience was whipped up: Pharmaceutical billionaire Stewart Rahr, who bid with an unlit cigar dangling from his lips, paid $1.5 million for Robert Longo’s charcoal drawing of a tiger, “Untitled (Leo).” The big cat was only priced to sell for up to $350,000. Mr. Rahr also paid $1 million for Elizabeth Peyton’s portrait of the actor, “Leonardo, February 2013,” well over its $600,000 high estimate.

The frenzy also helped New York dealer Larry Gagosian reset price levels for one of the artists he represents, Mark Grotjahn. Christie’s wanted least $1.5 million for the Los Angeles painter’s colorful canvas, “Untitled (Standard Lotus No. II, Bird of Paradise, Tiger Mouth Face 44.01),” but bidding for it escalated quickly. Mr. Gagosian joined the competition for it once the bidding topped $5 million, and he wound up winning it for $6.5 million.

In all, records were broken for 13 artists including Sterling Ruby, Dan Colen, Bharti Kher, Adam McEwen, Raymond Pettibon and Carol Bove, whose untitled canvas—covered in peacock feathers—sold for $315,000 to Andy Warhol dealer Alberto Mugrabi.

Before the auction started, Mr. DiCaprio told the audience, “We have to start thinking of nature as something to be valued as much as fine art.” Clearly, he understands human nature as well.


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Thanks Ox and Princess for the updates :flower: He looked so lovely at Christies Auction! He must be on his way to Cannes right now... :dance: Can't wait!

I'm seeing Gatsby today :woot: SO EXCITED!!

Some sweet words from Carey :heart:

Carey Mulligan on The Great Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio] was amazing right from the screen test. It was me, him and Baz, who was shooting from five different angles. There were four other people in the scene and Leo played every single character, jumping around the room. At one point I was meant to completely freak out, have a panic attack and then he calms me down. Leo was improvising stuff, whispering it to me. I was thinking, why are you helping me? You've seen so many actresses today. So the film had a really good vibe. The most famous person on set sets the tone for how everyone behaves.

[Leonardo] was number one on the call sheet and if he walked onto the set in a good mood, which he did, everyday, that meant everyone followed suit. If Leonardo DiCaprio is being lovely and working really hard, then number 15 on the call sheet can't be a dick."


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I think Leo is already in Cannes - then ? This guys he is in Cannes !

@filmWard 1 h

Great interview by the sea with @LeoDiCaprio who was wearing white sports socks = #wrong but #sweet #Cannes2013 #TheGreatGatsby

@filmWard 51 s

Great interview by the sea with @LeoDiCaprio who was wearing white sports socks = #wrong but #sweet

Tweet of yesterday ;

@filmWard 2 h

@TheJimeister exactly! Even my interview with DiCaprio as is immediately geëmbargo'd, I get my tapes until tomorrow.

And then an interresting fact :)

@filmWard 1 h

Okay Belgium: the Gatsby team in Cannes won't confirm if Beyoncé is coming to premiere. Only Florence (from the Machine) is confirmed.

And also I don't know if it's accurate, because the most of time Cannes is covered here in France by a channel Canal Plus - and the show Le Grand Journal but there's a lot of chances it's possible too ;

@ YumiMJNC 1 h

Leonardo Dicaprio is tomorrow's guest 20h TF1! LeonardoDicaprio TF1 # # # 20h

Another tweet that is accurate, the guy who will receive Leo is a very famous presentator here in France - for the radio the 18 and 19 May ;

@ cindygoyet 1 h

@ @ nikosofficiel receive LeoDiCaprio in LesIncontournables #! http://eur1.fr/eABchqQ via @ europe1 # # E1WE Cannes2013 "

And I am glad you like the video guys :) :heart:

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Tks for Cannes tweets and pix of Leo/Brad :)


Tks for all the tweets /news from Cannes ; getting excited for the big Cannes debut :ddr:


Tks for Carey's very sweet words about Leo , as I was reading that short vid of them together behind scenes immediately flashed in my mind :heart:

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Another pic of Leo and Bradley Cooper back to last night :)


And also it's been confirmed that Leo will be the guest of the French's Show tomorrow

Warning event. Leonardo DiCaprio will be Wednesday night on TF1. The American actor is the special guest of 20h Gilles Birch on the occasion of the presentation at the opening of the 66th Cannes Film Festival for the film "The Great Gatsby". He plays the first role, that of Jay Gatsby, and tragic romantic figure in the excitement of the 20s.The interview with Leonardo DiCaprio will be recorded in the morning on Wednesday in Cannes. At the time of broadcast, the American actor will attend the screening of "The Great Gatsby" in the hall of the Grand Auditorium of the Palais des Festivals, after climbing, along with the film crew, decorated with the traditional markets red carpet. Gilles Birch wanted to meet Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor, he said, "has the talent to choose the films and filmmakers," someone who has "an exceptional film instinct." Also the reason for his presence in Cannes, the TF1 journalist should discuss with him his passion for preserving the environment.


And you are all welcome, my pleasure :heart:

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Hi everyone, wishing you all well

I have an interview hope its not been posted yet :flower:


Thank you all for the amazing pics/ interviews/ vids/ articles etc loving it :kiss: , Leo looks fab as ever :heart:

Hoping to see Gatsby Thursday or Friday really excited for this film can't wait x :woot: x

Mwah xx

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Nice to see leo is in Cannes now :dance: Can't wait for the premiere! :woot:


So just got back from Gatsby....LOVED IT! Don't know what these critics have up their butt, what were they expecting? This was a lovely adaptation in my opinion, I can't think of any other way! It wasn't PERFCECT by any means, but it was definetly a very good, entertaining, beautiful film. (reminded me of Moulin Rouge a little bit, and I loved that movie!) I guess lovely would be the best word to describe it :)

I think fans of the book would be very happy, it stays very true to the book. Makes it better/more intense really!

Leo was great as usual, I can't imagine anybody playing Gatsby better! :clap: (Also that elizabeth debeki/Jordan was excellent! she stole every scene! Joel/Tom was great as well! As was Tobey :) )

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Hi everyone, wishing you all well

I have an interview hope its not been posted yet :flower:


Thank you all for the amazing pics/ interviews/ vids/ articles etc loving it :kiss: , Leo looks fab as ever :heart:

Hoping to see Gatsby Thursday or Friday really excited for this film can't wait x :woot: x

Mwah xx

Can't see the interview :idk: :cry2:
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