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I just saw the ad. It was cute and now I see why it was not shown until the end. She was definitely the right person for it. I loved the whole idea...focusing on after the game and Valentine's Day. I haven't seen too many models that can do sexy like her. VS has some of the best marketing.

On a side note, the game is good and the Patriots are in danger of losing. Well...let's see.

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you guys! I love Brown eyes too! Brown eyes are very beautiful and dominant! Just think you can pull off the no eye makeup look much better than someone with pale eyes and get away with not looking "blah"

hmm wonder what adri would look like with brown eyes

& thanks I LOVE that vid ^

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Just finished watching the Superbowl on BBC2, but we don't get the American ads here, pft. :( Can't wait to see the ad - whoever's capping & uploading it, hurry! :p

The game was excellent though - my favorites lost, but my 2nd favorite team won and the game itself was thrilling! :D

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Thanks for the link alien777.

The commercial wasn't breathtaking but wasn't terrible.........hmmm.........but my reaction was something like this:


I enjoyed the preview much more than the actual commercial.

Sure, I got how the music and slow moving camera was supposed to create more of an intimate mood for Valentines day, but I just liked the preview better.

In the preview she was just making funny, silly gestures and expressions, but as I've said before, she doesn't "overdue" it and make you cringe. Niice.


But still :clap: to Dri. Hopefully more people will now know who she is :ninja:

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I have uploaded the video. You may download it below

DivShare File - Victoria‘s_Secret.AVI

Be sure to click "Download Original" on the right of the video to download the original vid.

You ROCK!!!

I a so proud of Adriana!! Lst night's commercial was further proof that she's the TOP model now, stepping into Giselle's shoe...pumps. People used to say, "Adriana Lima? Who's that?? She's not a top model like Giselle, Tyra or Heidi. She can't speak English well...blah blah blah." Well what NOW?

I bet people know her name NOW. Giselle is somewhere, Tyra's a TV mogul and Heidi's great but Adriana is THE VS big wig right now. To get a solo spot in a major commercial like that says everything!! This girl worked for this since the age of 15, and I am so so so so so happy for her!!!!

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