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  1. Trying to help a friend. Someone showed them this picture of this woman and neither person knows who it is and I am stumped too. I figured I'd post here and see if any of you lovely people could help us figure it out. Thanks so much in advance.
  2. I think she looks gorgeous still. I don't think anything will change that for me, haha. Great pictures!
  3. Ashy<3


    I noticed that too! She's so happy and loves showing off the bump!! Adorable!! Congrats to her!
  4. Ashy<3


    Oh I am sooo happy for them. I bet she's going to look amazing pregnant, too, she's gorgeous already but I can't wait to see! Great great news for them.
  5. Ashy<3

    Emma Watson

    LOVING that dress on her for the movie. So freaking cute on her.
  6. I will say that their hit "Summertime" is SMOKING! I LOVE that song.
  7. Ashy<3


    I believe she is; I doubt she would continue to say she is if she really was not. She seems to be one who tells the truth; not just lie and lie some more. I respect her for that. Tons.<3
  8. I don't think she does; but I decided to ask here, anyways. Does she have a Myspace page? i ask this, because I happened to stumble across a page, that claims it IS really her..so I dunno. Was just curious. if I can find the page I'll post it!
  9. This hasn't been replied to in a long time but since I came across it, I figure I'd give my 2 cents Can we at least keep the hate comments out of the thread? Theres only one thread for her that I know of but to just trash her seems pretty pointless to me. ANYHOW, lol I am not asking for anyone to love her. But I think she's stunning. Fake boobs and all. She doesn't look like a porn star, and who cares if she does? Theres some attractive porn stars anyway, lol, but thats beside the point! Trish was one of the best women wrestlers (I am a huge WWE fan) and I miss her in the ring. But i'm happy for her, she's still succeeding in other aspects in life, too and she's married now. All the more to her! She is definitely not TOO athletic, mind you. I've seen much, much worse, and in fact she looks just healthy to me!
  10. I totally agree w/ ya Joe. And I to think there should be more for the male section.
  11. With the dress, with the text it looks red but then without the text it looks pink LOL. Not that it's a bad thing, just thought that was kinda cool
  12. Ashy<3


    The preview was so much better and I am soooo ticked the Patriots lost
  13. Ashy<3


    I hope I am too bc the preview was LOADS better... hmm *crossing fingers*...
  14. Ashy<3


    I seen a cheap preview, I think it will happen after the game?! I hope because the preview, although she is EFFING gorgeous, was sooo cheap!
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