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Recordings Of You Guys


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I already posted this on the videos thread, I hope it's okay to share it here too.


I recorded this video last week. It's my first attempt at recording one actually  :laugh:

This is a cover of a Robert Johnson song. Some Delta Blues :D



I haven't yet listened to every one of your recordings, but what I've heard and seen is really good.

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I'm very happy to finally share my second album: Abismos del Tiempo




It's a concept album inspired by The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. The music is mostly Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal. The songs are all quite long.


For this I recorded all the vocals, bass, and almost all the guitars except a couple of guitar solos that were played by a friend. Another friend wrote the drums tracks for all the album. In the link you can find all the credits, both in Spanish and English.


I hope you enjoy it!

Here's the link again: Abismos del Tiempo

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And lastly, but not the least, here's the song that gives the album it's title: Abismos del Tiempo.

This is the oldest song of the album and the one that started the whole project. I wrote it back in 2006, during my last high school year and it took me around a month or 2. How I managed to write such a thing before having any studies in music is still a mystery   :laugh:

So here it is, an epic piece over 23 minutes long:



And you can find the whole album here

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