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Recordings Of You Guys


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heres a song i just wrote, its crappy quality as usual, and really long and boring, but i thought id post it here.. me on guitar, and used a loop pedal, thats y u here random clicks and what not


so yea, if u feel like downloading it, lemme know what u think, ne suggestions or cratiques, or nething, it would be greatly appreciated

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(its jazz)


:o :o :o

That'll probably scare a lot of people...it's good though.

Here's one of mine. I think Red and Avenger have already heard this one. It's very rough recording, but you can still hear it. It's just a random collection of bits of songs that I could remember at the time. I get pretty fast but not as fast as some others. If you like this one I can do another soon.

Me Messing Around

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Thanks. I am a guitar teacher, so i'm supposed to be impressive.

I think i'll do another one soon. I'll do Samba Pa Ti (by Santana) and Smoke on the Water (by Deep Purple) just for the hell of it.


Include the end of Tubular bells, the last ~2mins.

It's awesome, and it's get's faster and faster. You can prove how 'impressive' you are.

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