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  1. Cheers all - can't wait to see the line up
  2. When does the actual line up of The Victorias Secret Fashion Show come out and not the hear say?
  3. Thanks ibeme. Any YouTube links as I want to download to my iPhone. Thanks
  4. So I can't even find a link to the full show online... This sucks
  5. I have no idea what an App is, so I did a quick search for Utorrent App and found this: http://utorrent.en.softonic.com/android & https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.utorrent.client&hl=en hope they help.Rotary phone or bust. Thanks for searching. It's only android unfortunately
  6. I can't find utorrent on the App Store any other way of downloading the show? Or would someone be kind enough to pm me a link?
  7. To me; this ticket is nearly priceless so I'm willing to pay whatever, so ladies and gents, please keep an eye out for one; press, agency or otherwise.
  8. I'm joining one of the Top London agencies as a Model Agent but I want to be proactive and get in to this myself to show them what I'm made of. $25,000 is fine; do you know someone who wants that?
  9. I will pay £5,000 a piece for 2x VS Fashion Show tickets this year. PM me if you have access. Please no WUM's.
  10. Much prefer Candice. On the VS FS Live before when they were playing a game with Lily and Sara, Martha came across as a sore loser and quite bitchy in my opinion. I like the pretence of the sweet innocent Candice more (Even though she might not be in real life)
  11. I (and Savanna) have been to many of these meet and greets. They used to not care so much about the touching, but I've noticed that they have started to place the chairs further apart from model and fans. I think it's because I'm a male, but the security guards always instruct me to not touch the girls and to keep my hands visible at all times (lol). Not sure what they say for the gals. I usually don't give a fuck because I engage the models in a decent conversation and they end up being super friendly and touching me haha Adriana even gave me a kiss on the cheek and full on hugged me once. Ca
  12. do we get SI over in the UK - I've never seen an actually magazine before in Tescos. Please enlighten me where we get it, and what is actually in it. All I have heard is about the person who will or won't feature on the cover.
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