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Male model competition


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Marcus Schenkenberg

Mark Vanderloo

Tyson Beckford

I am not up todate on male models, but remember this name

If you can use them.....

sorry I have no pictures of this, but I will search for pics tomorrow and post them if I find some...

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Updated list:

Top Male Runway Model (FULL):

1. Adam Senn (nominated by me) *

2. Ryan Taylor (nominated by me) *

3. Channing Tatum (nominated by azgirl) *

4. Andrew Cooper (nominated by Dajana) *

5. Ambrose Olsen (nominated by Dajana)

6. Noah Mills (nominated by foreverdoutzen) *

7. David Gandy (nominated by foreverdoutzen) *

8. Evandro Soldati (nominated by Destiny) *

9. Josh Wald (nominated by Destiny) *

10. Jon Kortajarena (nominated by Destiny) *

11. Marcus Schenkenberg (nominated by miss)

12. Mark Vanderloo (nominated by miss)

13. Tyson Beckford (nominated by miss)

14. Nicholas Bemberg (nominated by azure) *

15. Matt Loewen (nominated by azure)

16. Will Chalker (nominated by cooperIShot)

17. Caleb Lane (nominated by cooperIShot)

18. Mathias Lauridsen (nominated by cooperIShot)

19. Tyson Ballou (nominated by Lady Fatale) *

20. Marcelo Boldrini (nominated by watermelon) *

21. Romulo Pires (nominated by vanezinha) *

22. Andre Ziehe (nominated by vanezinha) *

23. Chad White (nominated by vanezinha) *

24. Bruno Santos (nominated by vanezinha) *

25. Alex Schultz (nominated by vanezinha) *

26. Santiago Montero (nominated by vanezinha) *

27. Andres Segura (nominated by vanezinha) *

28. Michael Camiloto (nominated by vanezinha) *

29. Eugen Bauder (nominated by vanezinha) *

30. Brad Kroenig (nominated by irenistiQ) *

31. Lars Burmeister (nominated for PinkCouture by irenistiQ)

32. Sean Opry (nominated by vanezinha) *

If there is a * next to the name I have pictures for this model already (but more are always welcome). If there is no * next to them I haven't received pictures yet... anyone who can help is welcome to. :flower:

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