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Make Me A Supermodel


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Anyone watch this show called Make me a Supermodel on Bravo? It's so good. Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor host it and its a modeling competition and it's juicy because one wanna be model on the show is gay and he is inlove with a married wanna be model and the married wanna be model is totally falling for him and his wife has no clue.

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you didn't see when ronnie tore ben's shirt off and ben loved it?

or when ronnie said I really like you and if you werent married we'd be together and ben was all blushing. and the time when bens wife called and all he could talk about was ronnie. lord of course they like eachother!

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Ronnie is so cute :DDDDDD

I really like him. I haven't seen all the episodes though. Has anyone seen the 'Meet the models' episode?

Ronnies answer when asked about a relationship lol

Is there actually a way to get the pictures bigger than on the Bravo site?

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It has become very boring now for some reason. I like both Shannon and Holly. From the guys, Frankie is good. Casey sucks, he is so dead in the photoshoots. Perry seems like a know it all, Ben has no potential and Ronnie should stop hitting on Ben and start focusing on doing good in the photoshoots.

Is it me or does Ronnie make the weirdest faces on the runway, especially in that Rockstars runway episode.

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Ronnie was actually really good in the last episode, I think the distancing away from Ben makes him better in a weird way :blink:

Ben sucked as usual and his true self was shown as he was making those comments.

Shannon was so professional even though she was sick.

I think Casey should be voted out.

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Guest sweet seduction

i like shannon from the girls i think she's the prettiest and she has potential to be a model hope she wins or perry.

from the guy i like pretty he's so hot. he already looks like a supermodel. I hate jackie personality, i think she's conceided, and i think frankie needs to get over himself, he's too conceided, but i do think his hot. li ike aryn too bad she left to soon i though she was the prettiest now i think shannon is the prettiest. i hate holly she gets on my nerves.

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I think it will be Shannon, she is extremely professional in every photoshoot/runway they have ever had. I will be equally happy if either Ronnie, Frankie or Holly win as well.

Yeah Shannon was good so far (with so far I mean with how much I've ssen yet :laugh: )

I have only seen it till episode 5 i think so that's for how far my evaluation will go.

I want Ronnie :wub: But Holly is cute as well although she couldn't pull it together at that sex shoot :ninja:

For some reason I can't really stand Frankie. He has the fighter attitude ('It's good for us if they get kicked' etc) but to me that makes him somewhat less likeable. And I'm not into his style or accent.

But we'll see...

And I mean winning this competition doesn't necessarily make them supermodels so let's just wait and see how everything turns out.

I would be happy for them though if one of them would make it as a model.

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