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The Ideal Female Body


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simple question: what, to you, is the ideal female body? describe it. find a candid pic and post it. discuss.

inspired by "fetish for skinny" in the love & sex section, i wanted to start this thread/survey on the ideal female body here because i thought it might get more traction.

in the fetish for skinny thread, we were discussing how skinny girls are hot, but then i was asking, wait, how skinny? i posted several candid pic examples, and got some replies.

i would love to see other examples from you guys. candid pics because otherwise i am afraid of retouching bullshit, and full-body because, hey, we need to see the entire body!

to start off, i will include what i wrote in the other thread....

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i myself could discuss the pros and cons of beautiful girls all day long. we men of discerning taste must practice and hone our skills!

the high aesthetics of the female form would be my life's work if i could get paid to study and research it. hmm, now that i mention it, let me figure out a way to swing that.... :)

anyway, i wanted to post a candid pic of a model in order to establish an initial comparison to red bikini girl:


yeah, raica is !@#$% gorgeous. her body is divine. check out her legs, toned and athletic, with a nice curve to her calves and strong thighs that are still super long and lean. look at her ankles, so narrow and hard. her stomach is tight, hips narrow, and even her shoulder are not too wide (i don't think, can't fully tell from that pic. that is a problem with a lot of models, their shoulder are so wide it's scary, they could hang-glide with them).

so maybe then *this* is the ideal female body? according to wikipedia, raica is 5'11 and i am guessing maybe 110-115 lbs? (it doesn't list her weight), with measurements of 34-24-35.

i would love to see other *candids* of models or real girls here, let's get some candidates up on the board and get a debate going!

(candids because anything else is probably retouched/stretched/who knows what else, even if it isn't obvious to the eye. i know 'cause i've worked in the field. anything published is retouched, simple as that.)

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