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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


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Interview from when she was in Brazil - google translated.

Check out the exclusive interview with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Earth - How did you get into the fashion world?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Always wanted to get involved with fashion. I worked in some places in London until a modeling agency. I expected to see the fashion world up close and of course ended up in an office taking photocopies and serving coffee and tea for agents. So it was not as glamorous as I expected. A year later I was invited to model and despite the shock was so excited. Did not think it would last long, but at least have the chance to see some pictures and wonderful clothes. I was fascinated by the fashion industry, wanted to see behind the production, I wondered what was going on backstage.

Earth - Do you have any funny stories from the beginning of your career?

RHW - At first I had to work really hard and I hit a lot of leg with my book under his arm. I went through several funny situations like catching rain on the way to a casting and get completely soaked with messy hair. What is quite common in London (laughs). Definitely did not have an entry in the glamorous world of fashion.

Earth - What do you consider that their characteristics were important for you to grow in the difficult modeling career?

RHW - I do not know why people like to work with me. I definitely have a great personality. I love making people laugh, like to have fun at work, I am very determined, hardworking and ambitious. I think these things added to my ability to make a comeback were aspects that allowed me to continue here. As I said, it was not easy at first, I did not have millions of opportunities, I really had to chase. When I assumed my responsibilities and fulfill my commitments very seriously. This was essential to strengthen me in your career.

Earth - You've worked with several Brazilian models during the events of Victoria's Secrets and other parades. What you have to say about them?

RHW - I've always been surrounded by Brazil. England is very small, so we have many models. Since the Brazilians are present in all the parades. These girls are smart, funny, fun and know how to make a living. I love spending time with the Brazilian models, I have fun with them.

Earth - There is some Brazilian model that you admire in particular?

RHW - Gisele Bundchen always admired. I think she is an example for all models. If I could have just a little bit of her career would already be a happy girl. She seems to be a determined woman, a fighter, very strong. I think she is an icon of Brazilian people. Gisele is a woman who is extremely inspiring, not only in the fashion world, she also does great things for the world.

Earth - You are considered a symbol fri and last year was voted the sexiest woman in the world by Maxim magazine. What do you think of that title?

RHW - It's a pretty cool title. I'm sure my kids will love it someday (laughs). But I do not take it seriously. Being named the sexiest woman in the world is something cool, of course, but do not consider an achievement. I find it funny, it's great.

Earth - Who are your fri symbols?

I love all the movie stars. Brigitte Bardot is one of my favorites. I love Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Anjelica Huston. I love these old women because they had a brand and a more individual personality, their beauty was natural and real. This is inspiring and more rare these days. Looking at women today I think Beyonce and Rihanna fri true symbols. I'm a fan of them both. I think they're talented, they show personality and sense of humor in their work.

Earth - As parade for the first time in Brazil in January?

RHW - It was great! Everyone here is so funny and kind. When I am touched by a culture try to take a bit of it home with me. Get out of Brazil with cute images of people, welcoming and cheerful. The parade was also great and I heard they had a good response from the public, then walked away with a big smile on his face.

Earth - What is your expectation for the parade of summer collection 2013?

I'm excited, because I love parades. They are so theatrical, fun and fast, is a space that meets a lot of creativity. It's really wonderful to be part of a production like this. It's great to see the event happening, the girls, the team of hair and makeup stylists, the staff of the sound, the whole team effort.

Earth - In addition to her modeling career, now you're also known for his role in the movie Transformers 3. Do you consider yourself more an actress or model?

RHW - I always wondered what it should write the gap profession, but try not to give me a label. My creativity is never focused on one thing because there are many things I want to do. I love acting, love modeling job and now I'm starting to explore my next stylist. I will launch my first line of lingerie later this year. I am very grateful and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to experience and learn many different things in recent years.

Earth - Speaking of her lingerie collection ... Ever think about launching other products?

RHW - Sure! I see myself with several product lines in 10 years, but for now I'm focused on this first collection, which has not even hit the stores. First I want to see if it works, and then leave for other items. For me it is very important to dedicate myself to something that just really believe. Do not want to link my name to any product. I am 25 years old, so I still have plenty of time ahead.

Earth - Some tops have some beauty secrets different. Miranda Kerr, for example, has said he uses a spoon to mark when it has no eyelashes eyelash curler. Do you have any tricks?

RHW - I think I have no secret of beauty. My health and beauty regime is simple. For me it all starts with exercise, as a strong and healthy body is more beautiful. I try to try different things, resistance training, boxing, pilates. Recently I discovered yoga, which in addition to physical benefits is also great for the mind.

Earth - What advice would you give to beginners?

RHW - I think vital to bear in mind who you are, remember what is right and wrong and know what makes you uncomfortable. It is important to be surrounded by a good agent and honest people and their trust. Remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and have their own accord.


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