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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Sara and Sharam are not friends anymore? I think the latest tweets of Sara and Sharam give the impression there is no friendship between them
  2. on that portuguese interview he said he had cancer at age 3!
  3. did she walk for Pucci this season? I think I saw a pic of her in the show but I can't find it here....
  4. I agree, Miranda always wear the right clothes and she is looks always perfect. I love her styleSara Sampaio Love this outfit posted by Little Fox on Sara Sampaio Thread
  5. OMG, what a goddess, she's so beautiful
  6. she always appears with great outfits love the white trousers Thanks for your kind comment. hanneli.com The bag is by Acne, the shorts peaking out underneath are H&M and the espadrilles are by DKNY. the pattern is fabulous
  7. Liberty Ross: she looks so chic!
  8. so gorgeous. Love this outfit so much!
  9. oh, it would be great if Marloes, Emily and Sara were in the show...
  10. Agree completely! And love the video
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