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^Yes that would be so amazing! Do you know when Larisa is shooting? This is from Gigi's twitter today..

Just arrived on location at the beautiful Greenwood Ranch to shoot Guess Fall!
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^I'm not to sure, this is from her facebook.. So they might be shooting different collections? :(

22 February

Lovely, lovely day working for GUESS today, off to AZ tomorrow...

And on the 15th of Feb Larisa said she was @ a GUESS fitting.


bts Marc Kayne shoot today


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Featured on MDC's daily duo :clap:

post-11622-0-1446057415-48273_thumb.png post-11622-0-1446057418-39782_thumb.png post-11622-0-1446057418-45338_thumb.png post-11622-0-1446057418-47353_thumb.png

post-11622-0-1446057418-4986_thumb.png post-11622-0-1446057418-52089_thumb.png post-11622-0-1446057418-54571_thumb.png


Malibu darling Gigi began her modelling career working for Baby Guess. But those days are long behind her, as Gigi has graduated from the kids division and is now ready to put her own brand of grown up, angelic beauty to work. An accomplished equestrian (her horse is named Trendy) and an outside hitter with the varsity volleyball team, we expect nothing less than the best from this high achiever. Signed to IMG NY, Gigi is ready to go-go!


Full Name:

Gigi Hadid






178 cm / 5’10″


86 cm / 34″


63 cm / 25″


89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:

Malibu, California, USA

Date of Birth:

April 23

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