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im so freakin excited about the show this year, last year i was soooo bummed out they did the tour instead of the show. its going to be awesome!

i have a question, i wasnt sure where to ask this but i hope someone can help me out. You know the song they play in the what is sexy commercial below? Does anyone know the name of it or may possibly have it for me to download? i heard part of it on the radio and want it! anyone know the name of it or have it and could upload it somewhere? thank youuuu!


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Guest Jessica

While you all talk about making a site for Adriana. I made one.

Adriana Lima

Please let me know what you think its not quit finished yet, we are almost there. We need to get a certain amount of unique traffic so e-mail a few friends and try to post our site in other forums Please. If we do not reach our target we do not get to keep the site.

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