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  1. Janice Kissing Tyra Banks on ANTM Video Clip Freakin funny, watch it if you haven't seen it or have!
  2. i found some unmarked janice pics from the opening of her new modeling agency! thanks to lullaby again for the above pics i adore them. i also made a new janice livejournal community if you want to check it out. i will post new things on janice and pics etc. please join! http://community.livejournal.com/janice_fans/
  3. *bows* you are amazing Lullaby!!!!!! thank you soo much!
  4. i know! doesnt she look amazing! i found that at filmmagic.com if you want to see more, unfortunatly they are that size. anyone got them bigger or has access to them and maybe could get them? ill do whatever if someone finds these!
  5. can anyone get bigger versions of these? they are new. thanks!!!!
  6. OMG thanks so much for all the pics! i was really wanting some HQs of her! thank you!
  7. new janice book! it comes out June 1, June will be a good month for her!
  8. np! i thought it was a rumor too. but then i actually saw the previews for it on the Oxygen channel. It looks funny, she all tells one model that they need a nose job, another that they walk like they have a broom up their ass. i cant wait lol
  9. i know! she said its been one of her dreams to open up a modeling agency. i would kill to be a model for her agency. too bad i live in Missouri and not LA grrrrrrrr I cant wait to see her show about opening up the place when it comes on Oxygen on June 6.
  10. Janice opened up her modeling agency today! Does anyone have pics from it? All of have are these BTS ones from yesterday with watermarks i saw the Ribbon cutting ones on Wireimage but i dont have a username there. Thanks!
  11. i saw that last ad in my magazine. i think its stupid they edited her teeth. it doesnt even look like her now.
  12. sorry if repost Arena Magazine March 2006 Backstage at the VS Show
  13. ashley


    sorry if reposts, hard to keep up on dial up Arena Magazine March 2006 Backstage at the VS Show
  14. ashley

    Cameron Diaz

    i know the pics is old, thats what i said, just wondering if anyone had anymore
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