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a funny story..

I have a new blog about adriana Lima but I want this PRIVATE

and a radio presenter I know has said to his listeners that my blog was written by the real Adriana Lima so people who want to meet a beautiful top model - have to visit my blog :blink:

That was just a joke to upset me and..

I've had 4300 visitors LOL

he is a stupid boy <_<

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone! I've been visiting this site for awhile, so I finally decided to join. This is probably one of the most dedicated adriana lima messageboard I've seen...good job guys. You guys look like real fans...and thts good cause she's my <3hero. Hopefully, I can get to know ya all.



The reason why i find her to be the most beautiful woman on

Earth and why she is my hero :) :wub:


images removed, please don't hotlink images.

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