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    Jason Aldean <3 (<---Hes good.) Kenny Chesney <3 (<--- Hes Sexy). Rodeo.( <--- Im president of my schools rodeo team )<br />I like to hunt, fish, go muddin, ride, FMX, motocross, I like to race my quad when i got the time (<--- Hell Fuckin Yeah im good.) I like country music, and rock n roll (Hell yeah um southern) I like to eat, and i like to Drink. Yes Cowgirls know how to swallow...drinks.
  1. do any of you remember the picture of her in a cowboy hat and she had a white shirt on and nice pants...lol. could you post it?
  2. WOW i really love her tan in the pics with Kelly and her on the beach. Yeah weird thing to notice i know. But its great and im jealous.
  3. OH i thought that was her at first before i clicked on the pic. I was like whats wrong with Adrianas body?
  4. I wish i looked like her too!! My friends all think im crazy cause i look nothing like her and i was trying to look like her by trying to copy her hairstyles and makeup ect.!!! lol But im sure your reaaaally pretty....I WANNA SEE haha wow...i seem like a crack head tonight.
  5. AHH shes so cute!! she looks so fun to be around. Thanks so much!!
  6. Awww its ok!!! Thank you anyways. I dont know why i like them so much i think she looked soooo pretty.
  7. Yeah i agree. I really dont see whats so special about Gisele...she looks like girls i see everyday at school without and with her makeup on...just taller. I like her personality though. But i just wish she wouldnt take up the spotlight so much.
  8. Hey guys anybody have any good screencaps from the Tulum Sexy video where shes in those white sheets?? Thanks.
  9. Hey Precious Angel could you post those candids in your signature??
  10. Yeah i had to laugh at her thinking about joining a convent before being discovered!! alessandra looked great too. http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/fabulous_life...ode_about.jhtml
  11. Adriana was on VH1 the faboulus life of.. Supermodels today or maybe its old but anyways thought id give the heads up
  12. I was watching TV and saw Kenny Chesneys (country music artist) Music video "There Goes My Life" and the one girl in the car in the begining and end reminded me of adriana in some different angle's...somehow. Like shes the non exotic blonde version. Im probably just crazy. But do any of you know her name ?
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