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where are this from?there are really special and beautiful :heart: :heart:

^^Yup, from the February 2008 issue of US Esquire magazine. Another issue that I've scanned but never posted......

Oh, and if you decide to post another set of scans to ask where they come from, I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say that they're probably from the April 2008 issue of GQ.


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So people have been holding out on us? Isn't that book like $100? I would probably cry as I tore it up.
The book is $100 ... $150 in Amazon :cry:

Think about it! Weren't you suspicious as I was when only five images of Spanky were posted from the book? This is a 300-page book! How can there be only five pictures of Spanky in there, right? I wasn't gonna settle for five photos, so I checked out the book for myself and saw that there were WAY more than what was posted.

Let me give you one example, there is a GIANT full-paged color photo of Spanky backstage at the VSFS 2003 and she's SMOKING A CIGARETTE! Was that picture from the book posted here? NO!!! That goes to show you that either someone is trying to hide this stuff from us or just doesn't want to share.

And yes, the book is $150 if you buy it from the bookstore (and is quite heavy). It comes with a special cardboard case. I WILL get this book and I WILL tear it apart and I WILL make scans for it. This I promise all the Spanky fans. Once I've scanned all the photos, I may consider reselling the book at a much lesser price to the members here (since the pages were removed for scanning).


Oh my god PLEASE say you will vamp!! :heart: VSFS 03 are her best photos ever in my opinion...more backstage photos would be beyond amazing!! Its a shame they get hidden from the world (and us fans) in these expensive books haha.

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^^The Russell James images will be posted soon. But I am not eager to post them just yet becuz there is another book that I'm trying to get my hands on. This book I'm talking about has exclusive non-VS images of Spanky and goes for half the price with TWICE the amount of pages than the Russell James book. I'll let y'all figure out what I'm referring to.


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