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  2. Happy Birthday^^

  3. HILARY RHONDA Hilary Rhoda, 21, was born in Chevy Chase, MD., and discovered at an event in Washington, D.C. She has appeared in ads for Balenciaga, Valentino, Dolce & Gabana, Givenchy, Donna Karan, Gucci and Ralph Lauren among others. She is one of Estée Lauder's newest faces and has also graced the covers of Vogue, British Harper's Bazaar and W.
  4. I didn't know she had quit. The Love editorial is very recent, although she might just be 'posing' with the cigarette and not really smoking it, but either way, she's around smoke.
  5. Oh, I see. First time I see that cover. When is it from? Really old or? The mag is from 2003, so I'm pretty sure it's an old pic.
  6. That IS adriana. I have that magazine and there's another smaller photo of her in the magazine with her name beside her picture. It's very photoshopped here but it's 100% her when you look at the magazine.
  7. Backstage photo of Adri at 'The Today Show' (she looks as thin as ever!) http://blogs.nypost.com/sports/soccer/arch...bulls_face.html
  8. melvaughn


    Boxing twice a day is insane! Well, boxing certainly isn't making her body Bulky or buff in the arms...she's managed to stay extremely lean/thin despite all the boxing which is good.
  9. melvaughn


    My guess is she'll be wearing a skin-tight dress after the myspace rumor.
  10. melvaughn


    But won't 'some people think she's lying...
  11. melvaughn


    Yeah, the quick marriage is the classic cover-up, which also means the preganacy was most likely accidental and unplanned. She had sex, (although I bet it wasn't a one time thing) accidentally got pregnant, and thought 'oh quick let's get married now' so no one notices. That sounds about right. So I guess this means she'll be HUGE in her wedding dress in june.lol (so much for her looking svelt in her dress) And if she doesn't belive in birth control, she'll be popping them out one after the other....she'll be the new Heidi Klum
  12. melvaughn


    So do people think she eloped stictly BECAUSE she's pregnant? Or would she have eloped anyway regardless???
  13. Hey Mel

    Its been a while since we last spoke, I wanted to say hi... and happy holidays!!!


  14. Did she happen to break the a finger on her other hand as well? In this photo, if viewed large, she has a similar bruise/scar on the knuckle of her other hand as well. It's weird that she'd have bruises on the knuckle of both hands. As for her body, I like everything except the legs...a little too stick-like, but other than that, she's looking good. Hopefully she won't lose anymore weight than this. She did seem to lose weight very rapidly while at the same time, seeing to have gotten bustier
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