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Lakshmi Menon


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WHOA. this woman is special.

her skin looks like silk.

thanks for showing her to me!

ill see what i can find to help bump up the thread, she deserves some attention. :wub:

you are welcome :) and yeah I totally agree her skin is amazing, its like chocolate haha :blush:

Will be looking forward to your posts. :)

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OMG, thank you SO MUCH penny-dreaddfull!! I had seen like one or two pics but not the entire editorial. Its absolutely incredible and something so different from the usual. I love it so much and I totally agree about that India comment lol.

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no prob, sam..

have good news, lakshmi and catherine mcneil have the SS 08 hermes campaign, so

people will jump on the bandwagon when they see she has a campaign

and i found a few pics... she was on the cover of india vogue, shes on the far right. :heart:

edit: as cute as gemma is, why is she on the covers of all the asian vogues? maybe someone can solve this mystery for me

India_2BVogue_2B__2BOct_2B2007.jpg 43053341_lakshmimenon1.jpg 43053342_lakshmimenon2.jpg 43053343_lakshmimenon3.jpg 43053344_lakshmimenon4.jpg
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Oh thats great news and lets hope it happens soon.

STUNNING pics yet again, love those swatch ones.

haha I wish I had the answer to that question penny, but I have been baffled by that myself. Maybe cause she was the number one model or so??? I dont know :idk:

For the Vogue India there should have been a solo Indian model on the cover, would have loved to see a solo shot of Ujjwala or Lakshmi or even Aishwarya Rai would have been good.

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ash would have been tremendous, seeing as shes prety much the most famous woman in the world

thankfully she modelled <Still models?> i would hate to see these new vogues plagued with

actresses on every cover like here in the u.s. they have a chance to do it right.

heres to hoping they dontfuck it up!

found a few more pics, on fmd. theyre small, but she looks amazing :wub:

i cant wait till the hermes campaign comes out.. shell be getting

so much work!! :ddr: :chicken: :ddr:

000000111227_lakshmi_menon_fullsize.jpg 000000111228_lakshmi_menon_fullsize.jpg 000000111229_lakshmi_menon_fullsize.jpg 000000111230_lakshmi_menon_fullsize.jpg 000000111231_lakshmi_menon_fullsize.jpg 000000111252_lakshmi_menon_fullsize.jpg
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