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Victoria's Secret Swimwear


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Lets face it, Ale is looking mighty hot these days. Not to mention she has a much more desireable and playful demeanor. Look at her new shoot for Rolling Stone! Cover and vid! Super sexy!

Adriana is still and will always be my #1 love, but I think she is passing her prime, where as Ale is peaking right now.

And I know for a fact, there will never be another girl in my lifetime, that will look as good as Adriana does and did, in front of a camera. To me, Adriana is the most beautiful girl in history!

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Completely agree with you sheebs. Alessandra can't compare to Adriana at her best. Lets see Adriana's covers for a moment shall we. Compare this cover

To these

Adriana is perfection. The most beautiful. Alessandra can't take that place no matter how good she gets. I remember when I first saw this pic from the sexy book.

I thought Hot DAMB! She's so natural in that pic and beyond perfect. BTW sheebshag, you don't mind if I call you Sheebs do you?

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I'm 100% in agreement with you guys. Like I said, Adriana is the most beautiful girl ever to walk on this planet. But come on, you guys never had 2 girlfriends at the same time?

I much rather dance with Ale, cuz Adriana got absolutely no rhythm. And if you can dance, you can imagine what the horizontal mombo would be like.

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