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Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures

Joe > Average

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JOE!!! :wub: all these pics ARE BEYOND FUCKING COOL!!!!!!!!!

i should get demanding more often, eh???? :rofl: seriously.. just about every image rocked my freakin socks off.

youre going to make my flashdrive blow up ill be saving so much shit!!! :heart:

and extra thanks for your shout out earlier on....it was touching, and encouraging to know that there

are people out there fighting the good vibe fight. :hug: for that awesome MEGA-MEGA post.. i wont bug you for at least a week!!! :brows:

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IrenistiQ, your pic is awesome!! that nicole kidman? and diva. she might be real... but shes been photoshopped within an inch of her life but she looks cool as hell! btw, great guinevere pics :)


i didnt postpics all daybecause joe's mega post was so awesome i just wanted it to be seen and adored, as i didbut the supafreak in me has gotta post..

836r7cz.jpg 6ut3pdh.jpg 6ks633b.jpg 7ydnyoj.jpg 7xy3ko8.jpg 73e42o3.gif
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i found these pics on the natalya piro thread here at bz... they call her cintia dicker and lily coles love child, i just call her super gorgeous!!!! ILOVEtrentini, henriquemeckling, wickedcraziness and the wonderful Miss OpheliaImmortal :heart: were the original posters of any of the natalya piro pics i post lol,. all except for the natalya pics u see above this post, im the o.g there :doofywave:

8ehvdrm.png 82dzspd.png 6l4b2ax.jpg
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