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Actress vs. Models


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Okay so we have a lot of competitions between models, so I though we should do one on my personal favorite, Actresses; and models again :p. It works the same as other competitions, you can send me pictures of an actress or model you like and I will put them up against one another. For instance Penelope Cruz vs. Karolina Kurkova...etc. etc. Do you like? Oh and I should probably change the title too, Vote for who you like better overall.

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Joker!! That's not very nice. But she is getting a bit boring to me, I already ran her out of my top. :ninja:

Thats why I run :rofl: :p

Awww...why ?? :( I'll never shooo her out of my top 100,000 fave models :hug:

Anyway Nouve, i brought some couples for you :)

Raquel Zimmerman Vs Sarah Michelle Gellar

Alessandra Ambrosio Vs Pen Cruz

Gisele Bundchen Vs Liz Hurley


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Actresses vs. Models: Round 1.1

Monica Bellucci vs. Adriana Lima


Monica Bellucci



Adriana Lima


You can only vote once, and have one (1) vote only if you like both equally the same split the vote (.5).

Go ahead and vote!

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it's difficult because an actress needn't be beautiful for to be actress whereas a model she must be beautiful and moreover Monica was model beofre to be an actress....so I think that few models are more beautiful tahn few actresses and few actresses are more beautiful than few models....... and I agree with fery Monica is older and there is a poll with Monica against Adriana here

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Can I split the vote? Half for Adriana, half for Monica? I love them both... :pinch:

Oooh, and I have more matches:

Ana Beatriz Barros x Angelina Jolie

Karolina Kurkova x Jennifer Garner

Jeisa Chiminazzo x Keira Knightley

Kate Moss x Kate Beckinsale

Heidi Klum x Kate Hudson

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