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  1. Ana Beatriz is on the cover of Brazilian magazine Quem! Ana Beatriz Barros: New Mom's Curves. Seven-and-a-half months pregnant, Ana Beatriz Barros is expecting her first a child, a boy, from her marriage to Karim El Chiaty. The 35-year-old model got pregnant eight months after saying I do to the businessman in a big bash on Mykonos, Greece. "I got pregnant really fast. I had my IUD taken out and it happened on the following month", she says. With her pregnancy, the changes on the model's body came quickly. "Two months in, I had a huge bump", says she, who have gained 22 kg so far. "I'll
  2. Ana's interview to Yes Wedding: One of the most sought-after models, Ana Beatriz Barros recently tied the knot with Egyptian businessman Katim El Chiaty. In a enviable, movie-worth wedding, the couple welcomed more than a thousand guests in Lia Beach, in Mykonos (Greece). For three days, the wedding was news all around the world and had supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, Fernanda Motta, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Renata Maciel and Cassia Lara as bridesmaids. Here's an exclusive interview with Ana Beatriz Barros to Yes Wedding about her very special moment. Yes Wedding - You an
  3. VS e-mail ad I received earlier today:
  4. She looks STUNNING on the Calzedonia shoot!
  5. She so deserves the Fantasy Bra this year. VS, make it happen.
  6. I totally agree with you!!Victoria Secret needs more exotic ladies like Sara.She will make a good sense if she will be... :dance:
  7. She definitely deserves to be an Angel.
  8. Thank you both very much
  9. I'm so sorry if she was already ID'ed, but can anyone tell me who she is?
  10. juliebrazil


    Here's the Caras' magazine article about Alessandra (she's the cover this week, introducing Noah). Alessandra Ambrósio introduces her youngest, Noah Phoenix With her Anja, the supermodel introduces Noah, the new member of the family. She's one of the hottest fashion icons of the moment. She appears on the powerful team of models that make Brazil famous throughout the world. But it's far from all that mess that Alessandra Ambrósio, 31, enjoys the best moments of her life. "To have a family was a childhood dream. Before I thought of having a career, I was already picking the name of my children"
  11. Oh, God. There is this amazing editorial of Candy in this week ISTOÉ GENTE issue (it's a Brazilian magazine) and I'd like to know if anyone will scan it. My scanner is broken =/
  12. Any idea as to who will? In my opinion, for some reason I think she's a bit young to wear it. I mean, I know she's huge for them right now, but once she wears it I feel like her history with the company will continue so much farther than that, and unless she could wear it twice...which would own...it'd seem early or something. I have a feeling Alessandra will wear the FB this year, isn't this VSFS her tenth?
  13. I can't either, thought I was the only one!
  14. Good intention means when people approach you with no hidden agenda, only the true desire of achieving something good. Hope I helped.
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