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Caroline Trentini

the sars

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Super hot woman!


Again. See Guys that's what i am talking about it's like an automatic messege the computer sends or something.. :whistle:

Oh yawn!

Does it really matter what my reply is, it's not negative, deal with it!!

Yes it does.

And as you see i'm trying :whistle:

And honestly i rather read a negative comment thatt is decent (which by i mean , not meaning to insult/bash/offend) ,then see the same "comment" over and over and over again it's very annoying , and why do u even bother reply when we all can assume what you'll write.. Do you really have an opinion?

Becouse it's not possible thinking every model is sexy and hot and blah blah , many of he high fashion models aren't exacly sexy and certainly not a woman :whistle:

Anyways on topic Carline, she has real good walk and looks really good in the pics , but i remember last year her performance in the Vsfs wasn't taht great , I personally found it veryy Booooring and was suprised , so i hope she's fierced this year!

Here we go again...yawn!

Ok, I only post in threads of the models who I like and leaving a comment on then in my book equals an opinion! Opinion = A personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty!

I don't post in every thread, and only leave a reply when I get pictures as well as posting them! I feel that those who take the time to post, deserve a reply weather you like mine or not doesn't faze me!

Here endeth the time wasted on this for me!

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