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  1. I dont think I've seen these pictures posted up yet. She's in the very back, far left.
  2. You're welcome =] Im not quite sure when they were taken, but the first I saw them it was early october. They're quite recent... so I believe! TCA 2006 portraits
  3. Guess who's who All three ;; M.K. Left --- A. Right
  4. Madrid photocall - Ashley beautiful
  5. perfume launch photocall - london - mk HQ-
  6. I also think Mary-kate is prettier. Ashleys eyes are too big and close together for my taste, although I will admit that I do find the ocasional picture where I adore her look far more then MKs. Ive been watching them forever *since I was little* and MK has always been my favorite. Who said they were Identical twins? They arent, they are fraternal, its just lucky that they look so much alike! perfume launch photocall - london - ashley HQ
  7. Spur - November 2004 / Spur - December 2004 Vogue image one;; Vogue Nippon - November 2004 image two;; Vogue Italy - August 2004 image three;; Vogue IT - July 2004 image four &&five;; Vogue Italia - September 2003 image six;; Vogue Italia - November 2003 image one;; Canada's Fashion - March 2004 image two;; Anna Sui, Fall/Winter 2004-05 image three;; Anna Sui 'Secret Wish' - 2005 image four;; i-D - September 2004 Found these on "- simply - jessica - stam -" Sorry if reposts.
  8. Wow, her eyes are frighteningly beautiful. Love the Americana Manhasset set, they're amazing. Flawless features.
  9. She's quite ordinary looking, though pretty. Reminds me of some Californian Girls Ive known who love to hang out at the beach and shop for purses on saturdays o.0; I like the photo of her with Ronoldo, I love the bangs.
  10. {{ Video;; The Making of Lavazza 2006 Calendar }} Some screen shots fromt the vid;;
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