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Vida Guerra


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How is it possible that Vida does not have a thread dedicated to her???

Name: Vida Guerra

Born: 1980

Birthplace: Havana, Cuba

Vida Trivia from ImDB.com:

After her December 2002 FHM hit newstands, the magazine was overwhelmed with correspondence and requests for more features on the latin beauty. An unprecendented 70% of that months reader mail was in relation to Vida.

Worked as a loan officer before getting her modelling break in FHM.

Currently living in Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Is of Cuban ethnicity.

vidaabril0kl1ab2zq2zs.th.jpg vidaagosto1ok3fk1la1cf.th.jpg vidabackcover9pr0sa7de8bu.th.jpg vidadiciembre9kx1hm3wk4ss.th.jpg

vidaenero8ij5qs1ps5bp2qw.th.jpg vidafebrero3jt1rl9kj9yn.th.jpg vidamarzo7ew1yo8eg9pm.th.jpg vidamayo9gu5el7uo5rh.th.jpg

vidaoctubre4rd8lh8eg4ba.th.jpg vidaportada9te6ij3fb2nk.th.jpg vidaseptiembre11tr1pf5gw7yi.th.jpg

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from her website http://www.vidasworld.com:

Vida Guerra, FHM’s 2003 Girl of the Year, was born in Havana, Cuba. At age five Vida and her family escaped their country and arrived off the coast of Costa Rica. While anticipating her arrival to the United States Vida would keep herself busy by writing poems to her brother and practicing her English by reading short stories. During this period Vida recalls discovering family values and morals through all the struggles her parents had to endure in order to provide their family with a better life.

Music had an overwhelming influence on Vida. As she grew older her vision became quite clear that she wanted to dance, act and sing. Vida’s career launched when she sent in a photo to FHM Magazine for their amateur contest. That is when everything exploded for the Cuban born latina raised in New Jersey.

In December 2002, Vida Guerra slammed onto the scene and into newsstands with overwhelming responses from fans all over the world. FHM executives began to scramble and wanted more photo shoots for their upcoming issues. An unprecedented 70 percent of reader mail was dedicated to Vida.

It was clear Vida was anything but an ‘average’ girl. She quickly established herself as one of the most exciting females in the modeling industry. Vida credits hard work and a solid foundation between family and friends for her amazing rise in the industry. Vida has been featured in numerous magazines, music videos and most recently on the Dave Chappelle Show and an Independent Film titled ‘Fake Preacher’ directed by Juney Smith.

jake25vida22014ov.th.jpgjake25vida22023zx.th.jpg jake25vida22033vn.th.jpg jake25vida22040wo.th.jpg

jake25vida22059zy.th.jpg jake25vida22064dx.th.jpg jake25vida22079qb.th.jpg jake25vida22083kq.th.jpg

jake25vida22094ad.th.jpg jake25vida220109lq.th.jpg jake25vida220112ir.th.jpg jake25vida220125mk.th.jpg

jake25vida220133ze.th.jpg jake25vida220146mc.th.jpg jake25vida220155je.th.jpg jake25vida220165ev.th.jpg

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Oh, and lets not compare her to the other supermodels on the board, please. Thank you.

I'm not comparing Vida to the supermodels in other parts of the message board.

When it comes down to it, Vida is closer to a real woman than any of these so called supermodels.

Don't get me wrong I love Adriana, Alessandra and Tyra but Vida is closer to reality than all of those other girls.

And that's why I'm such a big fan.

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