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Vida Guerra


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mkay, i just saw Keyra's pics...tell me again why Butterface Vida is in the mags and that girl isn't?  :blink:  She's all natural and we're giving props to Vida who needed implants  for proportion and has stubby legs?  :ermm:


How do you know if Keyra`s all natural?

Oh and yeah Keyra does have a better body. I don`t like Vida`s.

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She is an FHM reader made famous...


No she is not. She was in a section of the magazine where they ask women questions about girl talk, guys, and sex. Go to this link and you will see a picture of her with and a few of the women they talked to.


The picture just under the "FHM Sexy Desktops" text was one of the pictures in the magazine along with another picture that had all the girls with their clothes on. Flipping the pages back and forth would make them "strip" into lingerie. I was mesmerized by her booty when I recieved that issue and apparently a lot of other people were too.

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