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Found 27 results

  1. Hi, Could anyone help me ID this model from Zalando? Thanks in advance!
  2. Please help me ID this model.
  3. Hi there, can somebody identify this male model from Zalando? https://www.zalando.nl/esprit-collection-festive-kostuum-black-es422a07c-q11.html
  4. Hello, please tell me, wthat is id of this amazing model? (zalando, Calvin Klein) Thanks for you help!
  5. Hello everyone, could you help me with finding the name of this model? Thank you in advance!
  6. Anyone know who she is? She does sports clothing modeling for Zalando. I've used all my Internet search skills, but no luck. 😕
  7. {name}


    Can anyone tell me her name?
  8. Hello everyone, i’m starting this thread because I haven’t found one for Zalando like the one reserved for ASOS... could anyone help me id these two models? Thank you in advance guys! ?
  9. Does anyone know the names of these Zalando models? Thanx in advance and sorry if repost 1 2
  10. {name}

    Zalando Model

    Hi, anyone know the name of this model? https://www.zalando.co.uk/michael-kors-ritz-chronograph-watch-silver-coloured-1mi51m00j-d11.html?zoom=true
  11. Hello there, seen there a lot on Zalando mainly for VILA clothes (a lot of the pics there with her are a little bit blurry btw.) searched her on bellazon, found nothing... Would be really awesome if someone could ID her. Kind regards, sobotta
  12. Here's an unknown (& really stunning) blonde model from the Zalando site who's featured in lots of different brands (namely modelling sportwear) & has lots of images all over this site: https://www.zalando.co.uk/nike-performance-paris-st-germain-training-jacket-oil-greyobsidianuniversity-red-n1241f04x-c11.html Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi there, searching for hours but could not find her name. She models for zalando, seen her at the "free people" branded fashion section. Would be great if someone could tell me her name. Best wishes, sobotta
  14. Hey, I’m wondering if anyone knows who the below model is? He seems to model only Nike Performance gear for Zalando, can’t find him anywhere else! Here’s one of the things he is modelling; https://m.zalando.co.uk/nike-performance-pro-compression-undershirt-university-redblack-n1242i02o-g11.html Thanks!
  15. Hello together, searched for her name, couldn´t find her, only saw her on Zalando Europe. Would be awesome if someone knows her name. Best wishes, Sobotta
  16. He's done heaps of work for Zalando, but I've never been able to find his name. Can someone help me?
  17. I've been searching for these two girls forever now and I can't seem to find names for them anywhere. I found both of them on Zalando and it's killing me honestly-
  18. Hello everyone! Trying to ID this brunette model who mainly appeared for Hunkemöller products on Zalando.de thank you for you help! 12F6CA7B-C832-4843-AF01-D0D50B74FE48.jp2 2C237A91-2944-4769-85B6-F25B423FD0B4.jp2 807678F3-5795-4B7F-AF7D-737173DC58B8.jp2 C1FD932F-5C71-446A-A71B-AF869759FB0C.jp2 7B3E47A3-3DB7-4528-8CCA-F3BDDC4B2ECC.jp2 CCE02693-FDD3-456E-9DB2-AAE26BA555AE.jp2 F3312DBF-25E3-4E3D-A9D8-594944B1E89F.jp2
  19. Hei guys. I saw this Malemodel on Zalando and would like to know if someone finds them on Instagram or their name ? Pls help me ?
  20. Hello everyone, i’m starting this thread because I haven’t found one for Zalando like the one reserved for NORTHFACE... could anyone help me id this model? Thank you in advance guys!
  21. 1B2CA36F-2D47-47B2-926F-4A5E0691251B.jp2
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