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  1. Cape Town Commercial Advertising Video & Photo Stills Production (solarproductions.co.za) Avon:
  2. L'Esprit Paris for Emma Magazine, by Alexandra Rymšinová: Alexandra Rymšinová | Photographer (rymsinova.com)
  3. Mystery solved, i.e. she's Julia Ines (from Julia Ines – SPECTO MODELS): https://www.instagram.com/juliainesss/
  4. Some more pictures (different hairstyle as well):
  5. Can anyone help identify her? I've tried image reverse search but she only appears on this site: Women's coat made of eco-leather (emonnari.pl)
  6. The eternal Kim Noorda (random Mango image but there are many more on the site):
  7. Old editorial by Jean-Francois Verganti. Princess Morgane:
  8. On Windows 10, after saving the webp image to a folder from the browser you can open it using paint or paint 3d (both free already installed) & then save that image as a jpeg or png. I've seen a few people in recent months complaining about the number of webp images on websites now, so that's "how" to bypass that problem.
  9. LANA MUELLER SS18 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin (at 3:33 & 8:29):
  10. And editorial from 2016 for Elléments Magazine, i.e. "Blue Shades":
  11. For Isabelle Quinn, by Hannah Roache:
  12. Body Language Editorial, L'Officiel Australia 2017 (by Lara Gilles). Ultra HD images:
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