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  1. 176 cm / 5'9'' 82-62-90 / 32-24-35 Shoes 40 Eyes: brown / Hair: brown some information (from 2020)
  2. Priscila de Gustín Born 28 may 1981 in Madrid,Spain She won the Pantene Pro-V contest "Pantene hair of the year" in 1998. Hair:Brown Eyes:Hazel Height:178 cm Bust:89 cm Waist:64 cm Hips:89 cm Fashion shows: Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2000 {Jota Mas Ge, M de Miguel} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2001 {Agatha Ruiz de la Prada} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2001 {Dias Rojos, Intimoda} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2002 {Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Angel Schlesser, Antonio Pernas, Dirk Bikkembergs, Elisa Costes, Hannibal Laguna, La Perla, Manuel Fernandez} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2002 {Angel Schlesser, Antonio Pernas, Devota & Lomba, Elio Berhanyer, Emperatriz, Hanibal Laguna, Javier Larrainzar, Jesus del Pozo, Kina Fernandez, La Perla, Lydia Delgado, Pedro del Hierro, Roberto Torretta, Roberto Verino, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2003 {Antonio Pernas, Javier Larrainzar, Pedro del Hierro, Torino} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2003 {Hannibal Laguna, Javier Larrainzar, Joaquin Verdu, Jorge Vazquez, Jota Mas Ge, Kina Fernandez, Montesinos Alama, Peter Aedo} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2004 {Javier Larrainzar Bridal, Raimon Bundó} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2005 {Javier Larrainzar Brides, Pronovias} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2005 {Franc Sarbia, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2007 {Elio Berhanyer, Francis Montesinos, Javier Larrainzar, Josechu Santana, Juana Martin, Miguel Palacio, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2007 {Barcelona Bridal Week, Cibeles Fashion week, Javier Larrainzar, Montesinos} Advertisements: Anaros , Chopard Eyewear , Cortefiel , Don Algodon , El Corte Ingles , EuroBijoux Menorca , Guitare , Helena Rubinstein , Isabel Leguina , Isabella Rossellini 'Manifesto' cosmetics , Jocavi , Kleymac , Mango , Margaret Astor , Melisa Lingerie , Mila González , NB Palmolive , Ocho Musas by Carlos Buendia , Pantene Pro-V , Pepe Arellano , Raimon Bundó , Swarovski , Teleno , Underwear & co. , Uno de 50 , Magazine covers: France: 'Madame Figaro' - January 6, 2001; 'Madame Figaro' - 2002 Spain: 'Vogue' (Supplement) - January 2000; 'Woman' - 2000; 'Elle' - October 2001; 'Mujer 21' - November 2001; 'Hola' (Haute Couture special edition) - Autumn/Winter 2002; 'Magazine El Mundo' (Supplement) - December 15, 2002; 'Metaphore' - July 2003; 'Única' - August 2004; 'Todo Boda' - #11, 2004; 'Wapa Magazine' - September 2005; 'Todo Boda' - #14, 2006; 'Hola' (Pret à porter special edition) - Autumn/Winter 2008; 'Todo Boda' - #19 2008; 'Todo Bodas' - Summer 2009; 'Lucia Se Casa' - #08, 2009; 'Man' - July 2010 US: 'Town & Country' - May 2001 - She appeared in the 2007 Larios Calendar. FMD;Model-Management
  3. VOGUE Germany September 1997 "Eigensinn" Photographer:Jacques Olivar Model:Jenny Knight Scanned by missparker7 warning:Nudity
  4. Harper's Bazaar is an American women's fashion magazine, first published in 1867. First number in Russia-March 1996 with Sharon Stone. ------------------------------------------------------------- Harper's Bazaar Russia May/June 1997 Cover:Madonna in D&G by Mario Testino ''On a Gleam''Photographer: Steven KleinModels: Amy Wesson & Kylie BaxStylist: Sarajane HoareHair: Gavin for John Frieda SalonMakeup: Diane Kendal for AvedaScanned by me
  5. L'Officiel (Russia) # 37,May 2002''Copacabana'' Photographer:Anne MenkeStylist:Kate Sebbah/Streeters NYCModel:Marina Dias Make up:Jun Funahashi/L' AtelierHair:Mandy LyonsScanned by me
  6. L'Officiel (Russia) # 36 April 2002 ''Tops at Height''Photographer: Marc de GrootStylist: Yasmine EslamiModel: Mia Hessner-SovenskyMake-Up: Irena RubenHair: Claudio BelizanioMy Scans
  7. D la repubblica delle donne 19 September 2000 ''Prima Classe'' Photographer:Max Cardelli Female model:Elisabeth Davidsdottir Scanned by Sanja
  8. Max Germany May 1995 "DER NEUE DIENSTMÄDCHENREPORT" Photographer:Ruven Afanador Models:Christina Kruse and utm Scanned by MissParker7
  9. L'Officiel Russia autumn 1997 (First number in Russia) Cover model:Esther de Jong Editoril & cover Photographer:Michel Nafziger Models:Inna Zobova and Maayan Keret Hair:Ivan Other pages this editorial missing Me (cover from FMD)
  10. I don't know much more, she has been working with Oysho for the summer 2020 season, I need help
  11. AROA LUQUE HEIGHT175 - 5' 9" BUST84 - 33" WAIST64 - 25" HIPS93 - 36" SHOES38 - 6 1/2 https://francinamodels.com/w/models/women-development/14952-aroa-luque
  12. Olga Rossano, a super talented model and artist, the most versatile and elegant. Spanish blood. Based in NY. She is the most prettier model. Follow her and visit her website olgarossano.com _MG_1613.tif
  13. Elisabeth Mas Spanish Born 1986 In Sant Just,Barcelona,Spain Hair Brown Eyes Brown Height 1.78 cm Bust 89 Waist 58.5 Hips 89 Shoes 41 Magazine Covers: Spain: 'Elle' - Octomber 2001; 'Mujer 21' - May 2002; 'Telva' - October 2004; 'Telva' - July 2009... Fashion Shows: Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2004 {Barros, Toypes, Savarese, Schlöder} Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 2004 {Carven} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2005 {Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Cortefiel, Julie Sohn, Joaquin Verdú, Jorge Vazquez, Josep Font, Marta Teran, Miró Jeans, Simorra, Hannibal Laguna Brides, Jesús de Pozo Brides, Raimon Bundó, Pronovias, Rosa Clará} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2005 {Girbaud, Mariella Burani, Undercover} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2006 {Amaya Arzuaga, Esteve Sita Murt, Josep Font, Txell Miras, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2006 {Custo Barcelona, TCN, Hannibal Laguna, Joaquim Verdú, Esteve Sita-Murt, Victorio & Lucchino, Vivienne Westwood} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2007 {Antonio Pernas, Ailanto, Devota & Lomba, Jesus del Pozo, Juan Duyos, Maria Lafuente, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2008 {Rosa Clará} Advertisements: Anne Möller cosmetics , 2 Die 4 of Antonio Berardi , Desigual , Las Novias Boutique , Leone , Pull & Bear , Selvatgi , Women' Secret , Trivia: - Elisabeth is the sister of Clara Mas, who is also a model. - Elisabeth appeared in the 2006 'Larios Calendar'. - She has a tattoo on her wrist
  14. This might be a bit uncommon, but I saw this ad in Spain for Mango eyewear sold by Opticalia (January 2013). This is the ad: Thanks! ----------------------------------- Quien es la chica del nuevo anuncio de Opticalia para gafas Mango (Enero 2013)? El video esta arriba. Gracias! -----------------------------------
  15. Name: Laura Hayden Country: Spain Age: 23 I love her, she's wonderful. Here are some pictures of her for Vogue.
  16. Enrique de Castro height: 188 size: chest: 101 collar: shoes: 44 hair: Light Brown eyes: Blue Agencies: Le Management Copenhagen, Sight Management Barcelona, Marilyn Paris, Kult Hamburg Photos, from his Le Management portfolio I have seen photos of this handsome Spaniard for a while now. He constantly appears in international print campaigns. I just found out his name.
  17. Beatriz Rico Birth Name: Beatriz Juarros Rico Date of Birth: 25 February,1970 Place of Birth: Aviles,Spain All Movie: 27 First Movie: 1995 ''Un paso adelante'' (2002-2005)...Diana de Miguel
  18. Carmen Fernandez Spanish model Hair Brown Eyes Green Height 180 cm Bust 79 Waist 59 Hips 90 Elitemodel.it
  19. Rosa del Toro Born in Chulilla,Spain Height:1.78 cm Bust:88 cm Waist:62 cm Hips:92 cm Shoe size:39 Hair color:Brown Eyes color:Blue
  20. Clara Mas Spanish Date of Birth:23 August 1983 Place of Birth:Sant Just,Barcelona,Spain Birth sign:Leo Hair:Blonde Eyes:Brown Height:1.77 cm Bust 85 Waist 60 Hips 88 Magazine covers: France: 'Cosmopolitan' - February 2003 Spain: 'Elle' - October 2001; 'Telva' - Octomber 2003; 'Vogue Novias' - February 2004; 'Telva' - May 2004; 'Telva' - October 2004; 'Telva'- April 2005; 'Elle' (supplement) - September 2005; 'Woman' - March 2008; 'GQ' - November 2009; 'Hola Haute Couture edition' - Spring/Summer 2010; 'Man' - February 2012; 'Hola Alta Costura' - Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Shows: Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2003 {Guillermo Torina, Hermes, Mercedes de Miquel, Nuria Mora, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2003 {Leonard, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2004 {Dirk Bikkembegs, Nekane la Frick, Victorio & Lucchino, Y-3} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2004 {Angel Schlesser, Andres Srda, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Devota & Lomba, Eteve Sita-Mrt, Javier Larrainzar, Jan Duyos, Joaquin Verdu, Lydia Delgado, Miguel Palacio, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2005 {Dries Van Noten, Giorgio Armani, Lolita Lempicka, Marithé + Francoise Girbaud, Michael Klein, Guitare, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Andres Sarda, Miguel Palacio, Miriam Ocariz, Joaquin Verdu, Simorra, Montesinos Alama, Victorio & Lucchino, Raimon Bundó, Pronovias} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2005 {Andres Sardá, Amaya Arzuaga, Anke Schlöder, Armand Basi, Esteve Sita-Murt, Elio Berhanyer, Jota+Ge, Joaquim Verdú, Julie Sohn, Mercedes de Miguel, Phard, TCN, Tous, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2006 {Angel Schlesser, Ailanto, Miguel Palacio, Montesinos Alama, Devota & Lomba, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Andres Sarda, Jorge Vazquez, Armand Basi, Esteve Sita Murt, Hannibal Laguna, Javier Simorra, Josep Font, TCN, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2006 {Amaya Arzuaga, Custo Barcelona, TCN, Hannibal Laguna, Joaquim verdú, Esteve Sita-Murt, Lemoniez, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Devota & Lomba, Angel Schlesser, Elio Berhanyer, Javier Larrainzar, Roberto Torretta, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2007 {Antonio Pernas, Angel Schlesser, Ailanto, Amaya Arzuaga, David Delfin, Dolores Cortés, Guillermina Baeza, Hannibal Laguna, Javier Larrainzar, Javier Simorra, Jesus del Pozo, Joaquim Verdú, Juan Duyos, Kina Fernandez, Lemoniez, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2007 {Ailanto, Amaya Arzuaga, Andres Sarda, Barcelona Fashion Week, Cibeles Fashion Week, David Delfin, El delgado Buil, Juan Duyos, Hannibal Laguna, Joaquim Verdu, Javier Larrainzar, Lemoniez, Miguel Palacio, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2008 {Agatha Ruis de la Prada, Andres sarda, Devota & Lomba, Cibeles Fashion Week, Elio Berhanyer, Jesus del Pozo, Juana Martin, Miguel Palacio, Montesinos, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2009 {Patricia Avedaño, Pepe Botella, Raimon Bundo, Rosa Clará} Advertisements: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada "Agua" Fragrance , Andres Sarda , Caramelo , Chanel , Desigual , Guerlain , Hermes , Jacques Dessange , Lacoste , La Redoute , Liberto , L'Oreal , Loewe ,Massimo Dutti , Mistral , Naf Naf , Nivea , Puig Doria , Selvatgi , Thomas Burberry , Trivia: - Clara has one sister named Elizabeth Mas who is also a model. - Clara won in 2004 the Schwarzkopf award 'New Face of the year' and the Spanish Glamour magazine award 'Model of the Year'. - Clara appeared in the 2005 Larios Calendar.
  21. ELLE (Russia) № 2 June/July 1996 Photos:Eric Matheron Model:Natalia Semanova/Elite Stylist:Francoise Bernard Scanned by me
  22. These models are from the PROMISE Lingerie Fall 2018 collections... TIA 1. both, please 2. 3.
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