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Found 19 results

  1. Eva Adams Height 5'9" Bust 34B Waist 24.5 Hips 34 Dress 2 Shoe 8.5 Hair brown Eyes brown http://models.fordmodels.com/models/311/talents/38338
  2. From Nous Model Management http://portfoliopad.com/images/9008/629897/Xlarge/011.jpg Height: 5'8'' Bust: 32'' Waist: 24'' Hips: 34'' Shoes: 7.5 Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Please textlink or upload images onto a host instead of hotlinking. For more information click HERE. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture
  3. Anyone know this dark-haired model for Kohl's Rock & Republic line?
  4. AMANDA TORRANCE HEIGHT 5' 9" BUST 32 WAIST 25 HIPS 34 DRESS 2 - 4 SHOE 8.5 HAIR BROWN EYES BROWN http://models.fordmodels.com/models/42/talents/1411
  5. Who is this new cutie in Kohl's? She's with Rachel Hilbert in one of the photos.
  6. Ariel Corral Height: 5 ft. 9 in Bust: 32 Waist: 23 Hips: 34 Shoe: 9.5 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Date of birth: 1994? Place of origin: Augusta, GA Agencey: Kim Dawson Agencey: Wilhelmina Models Miami http://kimdawsonagen.../women/all/2352 http://www.wilhelmina.com/portfolio.aspx?c=mi&nav=29&modelid=599727&subid=10498&mainsubid=10498&sexid=2&spec=
  7. Does anyone recognize this model from JCPenney's and Kohl's? She's kinda cute in a goofy sorta way.
  8. I think they are both the same model... screencaps by me
  9. EDIT: apparently these sets of pics got deleted in my attachment bin. This model is recently new to Kohl's print advertising. Appears to have brown hair, brown eyes, and probably an average model size of 5'-9" 32-23-32 like size? Name of this cute face?
  10. Lynden Orr Height: 5 ft. 9 in. Dress: 0 Bust: 34 Waist: 28 Hips: 33 Shoe: 9.5 Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Agency: Kim Dawson Place of origin: Boerne, Texas Date of birth: 1994 or 1995? http://www.kimdawson..._faces/all/2558 http://twitter.com/lyndenorr
  11. I've seen this cute blonde for several years in JCPenney's, Kohls.com, and Macys.com. And now she's in today's Kohl's ad. I love her dimples when she smiles. I have other pics of her I can post.
  12. EDIT: apparently these sets of pics again got deleted in my attachment bin. I have no idea why it got deleted. Who is this cutie pie? She's another eternal model of juniors outfits for the various department stores. This girl is slender, has brown (or hazel) eyes and has mosquito-bite breasts (can barely show off tube tops). Dark brown hair and has modeled for Kohls, Sears for a number of years. There was a sears ad featuring her in a junior outfit recently. Any leads would gratefully appreciated in advance!
  13. She was in several Kohl's ads around 2006-2009. Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Anyone recognize this model from Kohl's and Macy's. She has dark blonde hair and green eyes. The photos are from 2011 and 2012. Thanks!
  15. Christine Gabel Height: 176 Bust: 83 Waist: 60 Hips: 88 Shoe Size: 39 Hair Color: dark brown Eye Color: brown Birthdate: Place of origin: Agency: LA Models, Women Direct Milano, Premier Models London http://www.lamodelsblog.com/category/christine-gabel/ http://www.womendirect.it/Models/1-3566/CHRISTINE%20GABEL.html http://instagram.com/christinegaybull https://twitter.com/christinegabel
  16. Who is this model with Sandra Kubicka? I've seen her in Kohl's ads before. I'm wondering if these shots were taken in the Kohl's dressing room.
  17. Andrea Adams Height 5'9" Bust 32 Waist 23 Hips 34 Dress 2 Shoe 8 Hair brown Eyes brown Agency: Ford & IMG Date of birth: Place of origin: http://models.fordmodels.com/models/42/talents/41634
  18. Premela Dove Height 5'9" Bust 32.5" Waist 23.5" Dress 2 US Hips 33.5" Shoes 7.5 Eyes Brown Hair Brown Agency Wilhelmina, The Campbell Agency http://www.wilhelmina.com/portfolio.aspx?c=la&nav=29&modelid=640384&subid=8674&mainsubid=8674&sexid=2&spec= http://www.thecampbellagency.com/cgi-bin/talent5/access.cgi?do=pagebrowse&page=1&sort_index=first_name&action=closeup&div=fashion&example=talent_id%20like%20%2700000783%27&origex=gender%20like%20%27f%27&cat=women&gen=f
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