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  1. Who are the models of JLUXLABEL in general? Who is this model?
  2. Who is she? Thanks 3c107284-4933-4986-a2b8-74475bdbf641.webm 7b96843f-8e80-4311-88e9-768932b9f417.webm
  3. On an Eames lounge chair, it's even better!
  4. eyes22

    Maria Katarina

    From ASOS 289b2ba3-6426-4a69-b2bb-41637470460a.mp4 5637af01-6b72-4876-ac38-b5dfb5dee5ed.mp4 a4f3240e-c878-49a7-ad15-b21a273ef605.mp4 3cb20f15-58a7-4378-96b2-0d10e4cf9e2d.mp4
  5. Who is she? Any suggestion? Thank you b639eba0-7da0-4034-b066-c0518bac991b.webm
  6. eyes22

    Maria Katarina

    4f91b06f-7c88-40e1-9a8c-f6703aa27b2c.mp4 40ab24d0-200d-4db3-9f5b-e3abd33a97d9.mp4 cc191e2e-92be-4655-9bec-30fa0f016ec1.mp4 9613810b-3236-4d5a-b84c-1fc13709115b.mp4
  7. eyes22

    Maria Katarina

    Thank you. Now I can change the name of this topic (if I know how to do it).
  8. eyes22

    Maria Katarina

    Unkwn01.webm Unkwn02.webm Unkwn04.webm Unkwn03.webm
  9. here are some more pics
  10. Who are these models? Thank you.
  11. Who took these pics? And for which magazine or advertisement? Any body knows about this shooting?
  12. I'm a little surprised by these pictures! But they are lovely.
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