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  1. Taylor said in an interview for ralph lauren she is in two episodes. So I am excited on how she would do in those episodes. Because her neon demon was the cameo but atleast this time she is speaking/acting.
  2. I did form it as a statement and lazily put a question mark instead of changing the whole thing. I was curious what it meant when it was put as "representation in all areas". Another article mentioned the same thing. She still has the same manager. I am not against her acting. In fact, I am excited. I mean, I have been waiting for so long to watch taylor hill in too old to die young. She is in 2 episodes. Looking forward to whatever candice has in store.
  3. It says she is signed for "representation of all areas"(?) https://www.google.com/amp/s/wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/exclusive-candice-swanepoel-creative-artists-agency-1203106142/amp/
  4. Uh, coachella! The best time/place for lorena to wear all those boots.
  5. Lo has been active in liking some nyfw posts. Is the fashion week over or is it just starting? I mean, I know it's just a like, but I am still hoping she'll be at any fashion week. She needs more runway jobs. Instagram might be a small factor to help her career. She needs to expose her modelling skills more.
  6. Idk. It only said sometime this year but no exact date.
  7. I am really excited about tay's appearance in too old to die young. Atleast she speaks here and it is two episodes for her. Unlike the one in neon demon where she just sat by. I'm really excited. Btw, she looked gorgeous! Love her out fit.
  8. I am still hopeful Lo will join some brands in any FW. It looks like she is not gonna be in pfw this season. I assume she could be more involved for london fashion week?
  9. Saw the live one from mbfw's ig page. She opened and walked twice. Her walk improved. No more wobbly walk. I hope she still adds some lil' spice on it
  10. Oh I hope she will be in NYFW, PFW and whatever FW. She needs a bit of practice and more to put on her portfolio/resume. Awesome start for sure.
  11. I really hope victor would post her video as well. He kept teasing the video so I thought it would be part of his website.
  12. I love everything! It's taking victor far too long to post her photos on his website so I am going to enjoy these ones and of course I am not getting my hopes up regarding her VS q&a video.
  13. Via Lorena's IG post Idk why I can't paste the link of the post so you could be directed automatically there if you want to view it. Can anyone edit this and put the link? And @Kane can you teach me through dms how to put the videos in "reveal content"? To make my posts look less? If anyone has edited this pls delete all of the texts except the bold one. Thanks!
  14. Lorena via her IG story. Getting ready for British Fashion Council Awards StorySaver_lorena_48235005_359274348171740_6126707819770867865_n.mp4 StorySaver_lorena_47565339_309868376535480_5378875702017315879_n.mp4 StorySaver_lorena_47157401_2230832227238025_7852735035588207542_n.mp4 StorySaver_lorena_48326840_1095890177245449_1634676717957787344_n.mp4 StorySaver_lorena_48609756_369115827171434_3816035110163001685_n.mp4
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