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  1. Is taylor really gonna be one of the commentators for the silly boxing match between influenzas? Sadd.. but would still like to hear her. Enjoyed her NFL stint last time.
  2. Anyone here recorded her ig stories where she got a swab test? And another where she's at the back of a cart beside another model?
  3. I'm really excited about her acting career. She has another one for this year along with "dating in new york". Idk if she's one of the main but I hope she has more screen time.
  4. Atleast he is making his own money and not a leech on her side. As long as it is only cannabis and not cocaine, meth then, Idk, I guess that is okay.
  5. She might as well be taking classes. As for her acting, I think she did improve. She knows how to deliver lines confidently in her beauty commercials so I don't think it will be hard for her to act. I mean, if her films are only chick flicks then that is fine. If she is going to do more work on emotions like outright drama, then she really needs more acting classes. For her scenes: *Her scene in neon demon did not do much as it was just a cameo. *Her first scene in too old to die young was okay. She delivered her lines alright until the middle part where she breathes heavily(I assume her character is supposed to be scared and is trying to suppress that said fear right in front of the officers.) After the breathing she kind of failed in line delivery until the end part. So I guess it was supposed to be a one take. *Her scene with Jena Malone is what I like. Although in this scene she only has a few lines compared to the 1st one, she delivered it better. You can see her fear after Jena told her the "real" story of little red riding hood.
  6. Ok, out of topic. Is it just me or hairgel looks like gigi h's dad? Anyway. I know it is bad to be happy about a breakup, but I'm glad they broke up. And it is true that his life just usually revolves around her and became dependent of her. I am ok if the guy does not make more money than a girl in a relationship as long as it is mutually agreed. But he seemed to really depend on her. I mean, when was his big break before that ralph lauren gig they both did? I hope taylor won't be in a relationship right away as she deserves to enjoy being single after all that years of whateverness with hairgel. And yes, taylor got older and matured, realizing micheal is just a leech in her life.
  7. Oh. Ok that's great. I really jumped in on my bad assumptions. Thanks for that info.
  8. Is she dating that guy beau swayze?
  9. YouCut_20190630_002215358.mp4 Here are the scenes Taylor was in. Did not skip and cut through her parts as it will take away the mood of the whole scene. But you can skip it ofcourse. Enjoy. WARNING:SOME WORDS IN THE DIALOGUES OF THE SCENES MAY TRIGGER PEOPLE. PLEASE DO WATCH WITH CAUTION. YouCut_20190630_002915385.mp4 YouCut_20190630_002215358.mp4 YouCut_20190630_002215358.mp4 YouCut_20190630_002215358.mp4 YouCut_20190630_002215358.mp4
  10. Where can I upload it without it being blocked? Both are over 100mb.
  11. Can I post Taylor's scenes in too old to die young here?
  12. Just skip to 17:00 Just skip little by little.
  13. Taylor said in an interview for ralph lauren she is in two episodes. So I am excited on how she would do in those episodes. Because her neon demon was the cameo but atleast this time she is speaking/acting.
  14. I did form it as a statement and lazily put a question mark instead of changing the whole thing. I was curious what it meant when it was put as "representation in all areas". Another article mentioned the same thing. She still has the same manager. I am not against her acting. In fact, I am excited. I mean, I have been waiting for so long to watch taylor hill in too old to die young. She is in 2 episodes. Looking forward to whatever candice has in store.
  15. It says she is signed for "representation of all areas"(?) https://www.google.com/amp/s/wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/exclusive-candice-swanepoel-creative-artists-agency-1203106142/amp/
  16. Uh, coachella! The best time/place for lorena to wear all those boots.
  17. Lo has been active in liking some nyfw posts. Is the fashion week over or is it just starting? I mean, I know it's just a like, but I am still hoping she'll be at any fashion week. She needs more runway jobs. Instagram might be a small factor to help her career. She needs to expose her modelling skills more.
  18. Idk. It only said sometime this year but no exact date.
  19. I am really excited about tay's appearance in too old to die young. Atleast she speaks here and it is two episodes for her. Unlike the one in neon demon where she just sat by. I'm really excited. Btw, she looked gorgeous! Love her out fit.
  20. I am still hopeful Lo will join some brands in any FW. It looks like she is not gonna be in pfw this season. I assume she could be more involved for london fashion week?
  21. Saw the live one from mbfw's ig page. She opened and walked twice. Her walk improved. No more wobbly walk. I hope she still adds some lil' spice on it
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