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  1. https://babylonbee.com/news/victorias-secret-introduces-new-more-revealing-masks U.S.—Victoria's Secret has unveiled a new line of more revealing, skimpy medical masks so women can look sexy while out and about during the pandemic. "Now you don't have to hide your luscious lips behind an ugly, unattractive medical mask," said a Victoria's Secret spokesperson. "Men will go crazy for a glimpse of your forbidden mouth. Whether you're at the grocery store or out for a casual jog, you can observe local mask ordinances and still look incredibly sexy." The company was qui
  2. I wouldn't be surprised. VS is selling optical glasses now
  3. She did well at her first event. VS is on drugs. They should've paired Barbara up with Stella. Alexina + Lais Leomie + Josephine Grace + Sara
  4. bryan

    General Discussion

    Pretty sure she's getting the FB this year. She already missed two years and who knows if she still renewed her contract. Smart move on VS to get her to promote the vsfs and getting her name back in the headlines. I haven't watched the video but what exactly did she go on the show to promote? Also thought that dress was by that Mary lady but it's from Versace.
  5. "“Comigo aconteceu dentro da própria Victoria’s Secret. Estávamos numa festa em St. Barth, Caribe, depois de um ensaio de moda praia. Um dos fotógrafos veio me abraçar, achei que estava bêbado. Na sequência, me pegou mais forte e tentou me beijar. Empurrei-o na mesma hora.” O fotógrafo em questão, o francês David Bellemere, continuou trabalhando para a marca. Lais, entretanto, foi categórica ao dizer que não fotografaria mais com ele. “Perdi muito trabalho por causa disso”, dispara. “Depois, as modelos mais novas começaram a me procurar para contar outros absurdos sobre o David. Tecia comentár
  6. https://revistamarieclaire.globo.com/Mulheres-do-Mundo/noticia/2018/05/lais-ribeiro-revela-ter-sido-assediada-por-fotografo-da-victorias-secret.html
  7. Am I the only one that thinks of Game of Thrones for Winter's Tale?
  8. Saw a video of Sara in the second show and I don't think Sara is wearing the mesh just the jacket and lingerie.
  9. That girl has always been doing that... its annoying. It's only 6pm in Shanghai! Still need some time to go.
  10. Apparently T-Swift and Harry Styles are performing...
  11. VS is releasing something called a 'Trilette' guess it's a bralette + bra meshed together
  12. Looks like Martha wore her fantasy bra to burning man
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