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    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    "“Comigo aconteceu dentro da própria Victoria’s Secret. Estávamos numa festa em St. Barth, Caribe, depois de um ensaio de moda praia. Um dos fotógrafos veio me abraçar, achei que estava bêbado. Na sequência, me pegou mais forte e tentou me beijar. Empurrei-o na mesma hora.” O fotógrafo em questão, o francês David Bellemere, continuou trabalhando para a marca. Lais, entretanto, foi categórica ao dizer que não fotografaria mais com ele. “Perdi muito trabalho por causa disso”, dispara. “Depois, as modelos mais novas começaram a me procurar para contar outros absurdos sobre o David. Tecia comentários machistas durante as fotos, falava do peito, da bunda. Foi a gota d’água. Era uma veterana lá dentro e elas buscavam sempre apoio em mim. Relatei o ocorrido na mesma hora”, conta. Bellemere foi afastado definitivamente da grife em fevereiro." Depois do episódio, outros grandes nomes da moda, como Mario Testino e Bruce Weber, também foram denunciados." With me it happened inside Victoria's Secret. We were at a party in St Barth after a rehearsal for the fashion beachwear (Swim Special). One of the photographers came to hug me and he was drunk. He picked me up in the moment and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away at the same time. The photographer, frenchman, David Bellemere, continued working for the brand. Lais, however was adamant in saying she would not shoot with him again. "I lost a lot of work because of that" she says. Then the newest models began coming to me to tell me about the absurdities of David. The sexist comments he made during shoots, he talked about breasts and buttocks. It was the last straw. I was a veteran with the brand so they always came to me for support. I reported the incident at the same time. Bellemere was let go from the label in February. After this episode, other big names in the fashion industry were also reported. According to the article, David continued working for the brand. So Lais never reported the incident until others spoke about their abuse. The swim special was in 2015, so bellemere shot a couple of more times the following year. Which meant Lais had to work with him since she shot with him 3-4 times in 2016 within VS and then she had that Lui Magazine shoot that same year. The last shoot bellemere did was with Jasmine for the fantasy bra then we never saw him working with VS anymore. It also reports that he was let go in Feb which means if he had a contract with VS as models do it was not renewed? *EDIT* As for the photographers list on that tumblr site. I had the opportunity to assist one of the photographers listed there...when he needed help. If you follow my personal ig account then u know who it is because I posted bts that day. I don't want to name him. Anyway, we met up one day before the shoot to talk and he asked me about my favorite photographers...when I mentioned David Bellemere he laughed and he began telling me about him. He told me he would use girls but he would never send them the photos. He told me a lot of girls would complain about him...
  2. bryan

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

  3. bryan

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    VS is releasing something called a 'Trilette' guess it's a bralette + bra meshed together