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  1. Keep up the good work!



  2. o' course the fire is still there.......don't show it much but I can go from zero to stormy in a sec! hahaha


  3. Ur welcome about Marisa's pix...I knew you would enjoy them. :)


  4. we all had weird nicknames and her name is Kate and somehow we got kokobonbon out of Kate. hahaha The names for the rest of us are by no means cute or funny. hahahaha

  5. I love your user name. Made me laugh 'cuz we used to call my sis that, only it was Kokobonbon.hahaha


  6. Have I told you lately that I get a kick out of your posts?? Qute! Did I do that right? ;)

  7. Happy birthday to you! Have a great day! ;)

  8. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, etc., etc., etc. ;)

  9. Happy birthday!!! I'd sing but it would ruin your day. :D

  10. Happy birthday to you! I hope this year brings you every single thing your heart desires. Only the cool things. :D

  11. It's your birthday! Happy birthday! I'm singing. Can you hear me? :D Have a great day!

  12. kisses and smooches to you, Heather. And :shifty: back atcha'! Two donkey garage. HAHAHHA!

    Yesterday, 05:09 PM

  13. Geez! I don't know where you live. Where? It was 4th of July (fireworks day, INdependence Day) in the U.S.


  14. Happy birthday! I'm singing for you right now and I hope you are enjoying it! I'll have the cake finished soon. :D

  15. I've been more than fine and very busy. Fireworks day coming up! YEA!

    (claps and cheers like a dork)

  16. You told a fib. Did you think Lady & I wouldn't talk this over? (Closes pod behind her and Lady) :shifty:

  17. Lady Fatale has my power of attorney so, it's all up to her. :D

  18. See? Two peas in a pod always pod together. Boy! Do we pod! ;)

  19. I got so flustered about the answer, that I posted it on my OWN profile page. (now very shifty)

  20. Haven't talked to you in a long time. How are ya'? (waves)

  21. It's your birthday! Happy birthday...I'm sending cake over :)

  22. I don't "do" gross, thank you veddy much. Me and Lady Fatale are two peas in a pod......ladies...;)

  23. pillows get ummm..soiled and need to be drycleaned sometimes. :D

  24. I got nothing to say ;) lips zipped, fingers bound.

  25. I just hadn't seen you so I was being nosy. :) Take a trip?

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