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  1. I totally forgot about this account, 11-12 years ago I was spending all my time here and I ended up with around 15k pictures of Adriana Lima. Unfortunately I deleted all of those so I won't be able to share them. But maybe you guys can help me out. Does anyone know who the girl in my profile picture is ?
  2. I remember you maddog :D glad to see you are still around

    1. maddog107


      Yup still here :smile:


      Where you been hiding for these last 10 years

  3. wrong thread, sorry
  4. Don't mind her post some more photographs
  5. I just placed Mauritius on my map and wow it looks like a dream amazing place. I heard somewhere its a great multi-ethnic place with many hindu, catholic, buddist, islamic people and people of other religions too
  6. Oh gee thanks! hmm maybe because they're my friends and I think they're the most beautiful people in earth: But for me Russia gorgeous eyes, beautiful ceekbones, and beautiful skin . Oh didn't see this so pretty! Halloween, eh? dunno about our neighbours germany, but here in Denmark we don't really have halloween
  7. Yes they look kinda alike, she also looks a bit like avril lavigne only 1000x more beautiful than both
  8. Adriana lima (14126 pictures) tiiu kuik (261 pictures) and various other girls, ana beatriz, alessandra ambrosia, petra nemcova and so on(together, like 1000-1500 pictures)
  9. I think these two girls are extremely gorgeus
  10. wow thats really beautiful what does MRU stand for ?
  11. keshuvaL


    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/i...als/6733867.stm UEFA is acting like a schoolyard bully, beating up one of their smallest members. For sure they would not have punished any big football nation like this. That 4 home games have to be played 250 km away from Copenhagen is a joke! - There is no international football stations in Denmark that far away from Copenhagen (Denmark is really small). This is just a victory for the hooligans. If your team is losing away from home then attack the ref and your team will get the points. eufa has also punished spain and northern ireland who for the first time since 1986 had a realistic chance of qualification for a major tournament. now that chance is surely gone.
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