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  1. Vogue Russia January 2017 Ph: Jason Kim
  2. Styleby Magazine November 2016 Ph: Philip Messmann
  3. Yeah it caught me by surprise that Sean has a new girlfriend, I thought he's still with the actress
  4. Love this editorial we rarely see this side of Em and it's sublime!
  5. Harper's Bazaar Nederland June 2016 Ph: Jasper Abels @roelschagen IG @anna.de.rijk
  6. that's a shame for them getting it all wrong, thought she is back in modelling. Guess we'll just have to wait 'till she really gets back.
  7. Guys, did Kendra walk for Bottega Veneta SS 2016 or something as what I understood from here http://en.vogue.fr/fashion/fashion-inspiration/diaporama/fwpe16-star-model-line-up-at-bottega-veneta-spring-summer-2016/22771 or I got it all wrong?
  8. Paparazzi Models 2015 Polaroids F/W 2015
  9. I hope so too, if ever she becomes Maybelline endorser then there will be two of my fave there along with Emily DiDonato
  10. I would love to see that OMG, She looks so pretty
  11. miss her too wish we could see some recent pics of her
  12. Thanks Allus6ka. OMG, Darla is so gorgeous, it hurts especially for La Mer Is she a new endorser for Maybelline?
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