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  1. Wow VS..... finally not cutting Nadine's ass out.
  2. Did she had a nose job? Her nose looked different in the beginning.
  3. Is Jamie Hince the father of Jessica's baby?
  4. How nostalgic.Thank you so much for those old interviews, they are gem's.
  5. I mostly admire the variety of her instagram pictures.
  6. Thank you, he is much younger looking.
  7. How old is her husband Sunnery?
  8. Yeah, i hope she doesn't take personally what some people say. God luck to your friend.
  9. Yayyyy, one more kid for Heidi!
  10. Nikolai has awesome face shape. They should make kiddies together.
  11. We will never kow the truth. But i tend to believe the fangirl.
  12. I think that girl said the truth, i follow her for almost five years. Nadine posted also a few comments thanked her for the good work and liked pics. I think you have to scroll to the beginning. What must sting is that she asked for support and then paid her dust. But she behaved graceful. I would be on fire😡
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