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  1. They have a horrid synastry.. Mars/Pluto doublewhammy no wonder they mention sex so much but... what comes after that is not pretty. You can have a look for yourselves on Free Synastry Report.. only birth dates needed.
  2. No she had a blouse on. I didn't took a screenshot and also would not post if i had.
  3. I did see one shot. She was laying in the ground. She has a blouse on and you could see half of her nipple. That picture had a hippie vibe.. so it was kind if fitting? With that i mean it wasn't vulgar.
  4. Yes i saw that and it was wrong from the team, if the situation was like Nadine explained. But... it is still puzzling me, how is she comfortable with showing her nipples in the red carpet, being photographed.. those pictures are all over the net and been seen by millions. Then she should stop saying, she want never ever being photographed with visible nipples.
  5. So i watched her livetalk with krissroma yesterday.. and there is so much hypocrisy in it. There was one question, if the photographer would be sued too, her answer was, she didn't see a point in doing that because photographer to things like that all the time??? She did a seminude shoot with Enrique Badelascu in 2015 and since then decited not want to do seminudes or shoot with sheer fabric. But in October 2017 she wore a sheer dress to an Irving Penn exhibit, were her nipples were clearly visible. I dont get her.
  6. What is she talking about? I don't see any nude nipples in that magazine..
  7. Has she a Londoner boyfriend, who is it?
  8. It is lovley to see, that they are still so much in love with eachother.
  9. Wow VS..... finally not cutting Nadine's ass out.
  10. Did she had a nose job? Her nose looked different in the beginning.
  11. Is Jamie Hince the father of Jessica's baby?
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