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  1. Does anyone know if they will re-stream the preshow for the west coast at nine? I didn't get home in time to see it
  2. Mila now has an instagram @miladewit Here are some pics and other ones I found on the site and then the last three I found elsewhere. Hopefully her instagram will make it easier to follow her work
  3. Mila de Wit for Forever 21 lookbooks. She is on the site for modeling the clothes too, not just the lookbook.
  4. Mila did a couple lookbooks for Billabong
  5. I saw this picture on pinterest and the link didn't lead anywhere so I was hoping one of you might know.
  6. No her fiancé does though and occasionally he will post one of her.
  7. Free People Model Off Duty Style from their blog.
  8. Mila at a wedding. She is all over the Free People site again. Tons of photos. I don't have time to post them now but I will try to. There are some great shots her her smiling :wub2:
  9. I don't think these Nasty Gal pics have been posted...sorry if they have!
  10. Does anybody know the model of this model? Thanks in advanced!
  11. The last two photos the model's name is Nadia but I am not sure of her last name. Check with LA based agencies.
  12. I'm not sure about the first two but the third is Cristal Serranoo, the fourth is Nellie Anderson, and the last is Irina but I am unsure of her last name. Nastygal books out of LA so check agencies there. Sometimes you can find models names on their instagram as well.
  13. Congrats to Mila and Jamie! I hope we get to see wedding photos. She will make a gorgeous bride. I hope her bath and bodyworks will lead to Victoria's Secret again. They are owned by the same company right? She did amazing a few years ago with them. Here are some pictures I found in instagram of her. The first few are from Billabong. She worked with them not too long ago but I can't find her pictures up on the website.
  14. ^Someone in another thread ID her as Bruna Boechat but it is really hard to tell.
  15. I saw this picture on tumblr but the source didn't lead anywhere so I was wondering if anyone recognized her.
  16. I know her first name is Kaya but that is all I could figure out.
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