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  1. I personally think that that would be totally unfair to Snejana if she wouldn't be allowed to model. Heaps of models have had scandals like this but they were never "not allowed" to model. Some models even pose nude for campaigns or whatnot. And the people on these Pornography images are actually models too. And if her career does get affected drastically (which I personally think would not happen), it would be very unfair to her as many models have posed nude as well. And just as Aida said, those are artistic nude pics shot by a famous photographer. It isn't illegal or anything in the fashion business.
  2. Her new boyfriend, Josh Henderson is
  3. I do Aerobic Striptease, Yoga, and Tae Bo.
  4. .:.ali.:.

    I Am...

    telling myself "You're not hungry, not hungry, not hungry..."
  5. During her birthday party [yes, that's behati!]
  6. Was it when one of the shoes flipped over ?? well the first time she came out she kinda lost her footing or something then on her last outfit she tripped over the dress Do you have the vid? I would LOVE to see it! :evil:
  7. The dresses are GORGEOUS! And i can actually imagine Anthony drooling over the last 2 avi's. flavia the BRIDE.
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