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  1. CELINE!!!!!

    You have totally disappeared. They must love you at your jobs for keeping you away from here lol.

    OMG Celine, you need to get a PDA or something to remind you when important things like Behati happen. Its ok though, I missed seeing Doutzen in NYC yesterday :(

  2. OMG ALL THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW, she looked incredible!! I think she looked far better than Adriana.

    I am so jealous of people that got to talk to her. I was stuck in school dissecting a human body lol :(

  3. Oh Ok I see!! I am sure you will do great on the exam, plus its your last year, it should be carefree right!!

    haha rats are everywhere, the NYC is filled with them all over, plus roaches as well. I hope to one day go to SF and I also want to go to their chinatown.

  4. Its not possible at all with my family and the position I am in.

    Anyway, I have always wanted to go to SF. 24 hours is not bad at all. I used to work around that time as well throughout my undergrad and just recently quit.

  5. When do you have to take the state exam?? I am sure you will do well on it though.

    You are right, it isn't all about money and we really should do what we truly like from the heart, but its so hard to achieve that realistically. Its impossible for me to switch now, I know if I do then my family will be upset. I will have to live with it I guess.

  6. Yeah, right now I just look forward to what I will be 4 years from now. I have to pass through 4 years of hell to reach that goal, but still I wish I had done something different.

    Did you always want to be in health profession or was it your parent's influence?? Thats good that the pay is good, how long do you work usually? And is this your last year of nursing school?

  7. I cannot blame my parents entirely, I mean they did want me to do this, but it was my fault as well. I did not know what I wanted to do back then so I went along with this and now I realize I should have changed my career path. Yeah I am a first year, usually the first 3 years are the worst in dental school. The last year is all clinical, so not too bad.

  8. the hygienist thing sounds good if you want to study 2 more years. They have a good schedule and make nice money.

    So what job do you do??

    I have the worst possible luck, next Tuesday, some of my worst classes begin and yet Doutzen will be doing her interviews. :(

  9. It hasn't even been a week for me yet but I hate this dental school :(

    Plus it will get worse next week.

    Oh well, bellazon and some other things keep me going.

  10. Wait so are you at Nursing School??

    How are you finding time to work and be in school at the same time?? Are you there part time in school?

  11. I am stuck at the stupid dental school :(

    Its such a relief to come here and talk to you and see Doutzen's new work.

    I LOVED THE E NEWS interview, THANKS!!

    I cant wait to see what the coming months bring in terms of Doutzen!!!

  12. AHHHH


    I missed the E thing though.


  13. QQQ

    Where have you been?? You are not as active as before, though I see you set up your blog, I will comment there soon ;)

  14. LOL HAHA

    So what kind of jobs are doing?? How do you handle 2 jobs??

  15. Thanks :) I will need all the help I can to survive haha

  16. Sadly I wont be able to go :(

    Dental School is in session then.

  17. OMG WHAT??????


    Let me check the thread.

  18. Sam12


    I hope you truly have an amazing time on your vacation. Will miss you and your posts. Come back soon!

  19. You are absolutely unbelievable Celine. And you described yourself best completely louco hahaha.

  20. CHRISTMAS ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy for Doutzy!

    I was shocked when I saw the picture of her and Emanuela.

  21. Oh I forgot to ask about the earthquake, are you ok????

  22. Isn't it nice though that IMG set up their home page with a tribute to Ruslana. I hope they keep it on for the rest of the year.

    Anyway, you seem to be busy with work, I hope everything is going well.

    Oh I saw Adriana Lima at one of the VS signings today in NY, wish it had been Behati or Coco or Trentini or Doutzen though :(

  23. Can you believe it Celine, I was in the downtown area, near Water Street, on the day before she committed suicide. I did not know her as a model prior to her death, but its just sad to think that she was there living one day and gone the next. It truly is a tragedy. I haven't been back there since, but when I do, I will be sure to pay tribute to her there.

  24. Sam12

    Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great time there!

    For me, well my summer ends in 3 weeks and then its back to University. I will most likely spend the rest of the time in NYC and might even go to Las Vegas.

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