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  1. Sam12


    I missed talking to you.

    I am ok but how have you been?

    Who is that in your avatar?

  2. LETS HOPE SO!!!!!

  3. did you see Doutzen is ranked number 5 in Forbes richest models annual list????

  4. oh ok cool, just let me know when to vote for Andrew or even Will and I will do it :)

  5. Sam12


    I am doing ok, how is everything going with you?

  6. Dolce & Gabbana

    Spring 2005, it is my favorite show of theirs.

  7. The NY one is FANTASTIC. Its a couple of floors on a building on Broadway and each floor is devoted to different groups of people. Celebs on one floor, politicians and heroes on the next, at least thats how it was when I went there like 5 years back.

  8. lol thats so cute, I can just imagine it.

  9. Thats great that you went back to work, it must be nice to work with kids.

  10. I just read, that so INCREDIBLE!!!!

    I wish she had one here in U.S though

  11. Congrats on Andrew win!

    How are you feeling now?

  12. I hate it when they leave the industry. I mean one day every one of them will but I hate the thought of it.

    Hopefully those contracts will be extended for her.

    Why does she not do VS??

  13. oh thank god, I thought she was leaving the fashion biz

  14. Leaving?? I dont understand. What is she leaving and where is she going??

  15. Thats good I guess, she makes you HAPPY. Nothing wrong with that.

    I could care less if you are gay, straight or anything else. Labels are not important to me.

  16. the sex on the beach one??? Which one are you talking about??

    But why do you have it as an avatar then?

  17. I meant your avatar

  18. I am starting to feel that way, I love her videos and her face and your sig is on FIRE

  19. I dont know Q. Before I never paid attention to her but now I love visiting her thread. She seems so down to earth and her face is so beautiful. I love her now :)

  20. I cant believe I am saying this Q, but I am starting to like Diarr uhh Daria.

  21. lol she has like disappeared, I hate it.

  22. Oh I never knew about your surgery. I hope everything goes well and I hope everything becomes better for you.

    haha dont worry I will post in AC's thread and try to find new pictures.

    Good luck with the surgery and hope to talk to you soon.

  23. school is ok, just a bit boring as usual.

    Anything new with Doutzen, is she going to Congo or Rawanda again??

  24. I know its all for fun, I dont mind if AC wins, which I am sure he is.

    Take Care

  25. Hey how are you?

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