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  1. No it seems fine to me, I see 49 pages for Andrew and 21 for Will.

    Thats weird that you are seeing that.

    Are you still having the problem??

  2. Sam12

    I have not seen you post in Will's thread, whats going on??

  3. Sam12

    Hey, I am doing ok, just busy with studies.

    How are you and how is your art project coming along?

    Hope we can talk soon on msn.

  4. YES I got it, check your mail.

  5. Oh thats a relief that the lump was nothing serious.

    How did you break your ribs???

  6. Francy your baby is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How old is he?

  7. Sam12

    GREAT SET, I loved that editorial, "Make Love not war"

    How have you been?

  8. WOW it sounds fantastic, I wish I could go there one day.

    One of my friends went on a tour of Italy last year and she went to Turin, Rome and Milano! She loved it there.

  9. Where were you FRANCY?? We all missed you. Glad to have you back.

    YEAH I heard about VERSACE, I am so excited for it, one of my favorite models with my favorite fashion designer!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh wow, sounds like a lot of fun. I have seen pictures and it looks so beautiful.

    Is it very far from where you guys live??

    And yes Trentini better be back this year!!

  11. Sam12

    Hey sorry I couldn't be on msn yesterday, just had a lot of people in my houe yesterday.

    Right now I live with my parents but I am moving out and getting an apartment in the summer.

  12. Sam12

    hey Happy Easter to you as well!!!

    Are you celebrating with your family?

  13. Of course I did, what do you think of me???????

    Everything is preserved the way it should be and you can pick her up tomorrow if you want, I want to keep her for the night ;)

  14. Lets dance the Capoeira!!

    This weekend I am taking Daria out to a romantic dinner for two ;)

    You are not allowed

  15. hahaha Number 10 lol, hey thanks for putting him in with the other 9 Andrew Coopers haha. I love those Andrew Pics too, he has amazing features and is a great model.

    Very nice of you to think of us :)

  16. Oh Wow what is the tattoo of?

    Let me check the list

  17. Isn't it better than talking about Werbowy Q or do you want me to start talking about her ;)??

  18. lol yeah her father is black and mom is Japanese.

    I heard her mom lives in a mansion now that Kimora bought for her in the Hamptons, so thats nice of her to do and she calls her by her Japanese name I think

  19. Yeah I get so annoyed with some of those newer models lol, but its the fashion industry, something is in one day and the next its out. I also wonder what he does sometime, I wish he had an official site or something where we can ask him questions.

    Is that you Christine in your profile?? You look great if it is.

  20. Whats the biggest news????

  21. Knowing her she probably did lol. She seems fake from head to toe so I would not be surprised.

  22. I heard that he skipped out the fashion weeks cause he had an argument with his manager and his agency and plus the thing is that the fashion industry always goes to younger models, which I hate, so thats why he is not working much. I wish he surprises us with a new editorial or something. And yes I will find old pics also and post lol, so dont worry.

  23. LOL how can I make it up Q??

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