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  1. You are too nice Layla. I am in dental school and yes its very depressing here. I wish I had picked a different track. Anyway enough about me, how is everything with you?

    Anna J has become my new favorite model btw.

  2. Whaat?? Why??

  3. Just at the university, I hate it here. People are so competitive that its hard to make friends and those that you try to be friendly towards, they never reciprocate that level of friendship back. I wish I could go away from here permanently.

    haha, did Granny get drunk??

  4. CELINE!!!

    Belated Happy New Year to you!

    I am so busy with studies now, I wish I had more time to come here.

  5. Sam12

    I just checked and saw your message. Belated Merry Christmas haha and a Happy New Year to you!!

  6. Ire, I miss you too. Its so lonely here.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  7. I am obsessed with your new set Layla. She is too beautiful and so innocent looking.

  8. GISELE!!! Thats what's missing. And Alex De Butak's awesome choice of music and event planning.

  9. oh no, not yet, it airs on December 3 here. I only saw some clips of some models walking. It looks much better than last year.

  10. Are the shoes that good haha??

    The video of her walk hasn't been released yet Celine, only of Doutzen, Flavia and a few others. As soon as there is one, I will do something about, or rather ask someone to make it, since they made the Doutzen one too.

  11. thanks, Doutzen's amazing and so is Isabeli. Your set is really nice. I can't wait to watch Isa on the VSFS.

  12. thank you, she is beautiful

  13. Oh she somehow managed to keep it on. Maybe they negotiated with her that they would provide a year's supply of free beer if she kept it on.

  14. Celine, did you see all the pictures of Behati with the angels in the store appearance????

    I dont think she fits in well, and I think she seemed a bit bored there lol

  15. Are you feeling Lara for VS??

  16. I wasn't left with many choices as you all nominated all the best ones already. Loved that MCB one for H&M

  17. Neither, Selitanville all the way!!

  18. haha you are right, I just checked it again and now its in the 40's. Let me look for commercials not there and I will nominate them.

  19. I think it might be too late now lol, I see he 33 spots are filled already :(

    I like your choices though, I will be rooting for them.

  20. The only thing I liked was how they moved Isabeli in the top 5, she deserves it.

  21. lol I dont understand that list at all Layla. I am dying to know, how is Behati sexy?? And I like Julia also, but I dont find her sexy. I love Doutzen too, but Gisele should be ranked higher than her. Its such a messed up list. Whoever compiled it needs to be fired.

  22. no I dont, I am not buhlack

  23. hey minus, who is that in your signature??

  24. In gold??? I only saw the ones in

    black with the gold background. Quit teasing Celine and post the pics please.

  25. Celine SCAN SCAN PLEASE!!!!

    I hope your school is going well. Your internship is coming up right, you better come to NY!!!

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