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  1. It's hard to believe the girl in the Kohl's ads is the same person as the model in the No Ties Mgmt. portfolio and the Lui pictorial. Nothing against Kohl's, but I hope she moves on to bigger and better things very soon.
  2. The last name should be Dittmann, at least according to this model's site, http://www.franziska-dittmann.com.
  3. No. According to INforma, this is her real page - http://www.facebook....88751042&ref=ts Was this Facebook link disclosed via correspondence with Informa Models? I don't see anything at the Informa site about this, and the link doesn't work for me (I just get a Facebook notice saying the page is unavailable). But I love the accompanying photo -- is it from Carla's Facebook page?
  4. Just ran across a Bare Necessities ad (at a medical dictionary site!) featuring Xenia, but couldn't find any more images after following the link:
  5. I found the name of this particular file quite amusing...
  6. Very pretty! From the Tjarda website, photo by Yorick Nube:
  7. I'm always around. I didn't know Carla is married. That's great, isn't it? It is, isn't it? I'm sure it is. Watch out... Model of the moment International Projection Carla Ossa How do you party? I'd rather go to a quite place, to a bar or to my friends' house with my husband. Drink something, watch movies, laugh together, play cards. Of course, once in a while I do like to party or as we say, "el despeluque". What might be the meaning of "el despeluque"? There is a Wikipedia article (at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champeta) which mentions this as part of a Colombian musical genre called Champeta, but the wording is odd, perhaps poorly translated. The article states that Champeta "has like unique element of a division temporary of three accelerations, initial music, the choir and a third called element the Despeluque, that is own of strong and repetitive rates accompanied generally by plates (digital interventions)." So it's loud, fast music? Accompanied by cymbals maybe?
  8. Thanks for the video. Carla looks amazing, but am I mistaken in seeing an entirely different model spliced in at 2:36-2:40 in this clip?
  9. I think those photos came from the MC2 Blog. Carla has a lot of catalog images I like too. Thanks!
  10. What is the source of the black and white photo in post #1481? It looks like it was pieced together from two magazine pages, and if so, what magazine? Are the black and white photos in post #1478 from the same source? To me, these seem like the most striking recent images of Carla (the color photo in #1478 is quite nice too), and superior to the catalog work we usually see her doing (not to disparage any of these pictures, many of which are very good).
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