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  1. I am outside the USA, so I might be missing the real ads, but swimsuit.si.com has generic google ads, rather than any brand deals. Those kinds of ads make a tiny fraction of what you get from a direct deal with a big brand. They probably don't even cover the ongoing staff bill, never mind paying for photoshoots.
  2. Remember when Samantha Hoopers wore a "Do my nipples offend you" shirt? I guess they did offend someone, because they are back to blurring even mild see-through pics. So I guess it turns out that the female body must be hidden away? Some of the shoots obviously were sexy enough given the instagram posts, but they excluded that from the published pictures. I have no idea who their target market is. The 100 viewers they get on their instagram yoga streams are not going to keep them in business. No-one is going to rush out to buy a generic instagram/catalogue shoot like this. I notice they have no ad deals this year. I am getting ads for flash games! Dodge etc. are not going to want to be associated with this. No ad deals = no revenue = no 2021 issue. Their facebook page has 6 million followers. Their "2020 is here" video has 1K views. Sexy videos from 2018 generally got 1M+ views. So MJ is presiding over a 1000x drop in social media engagement. I can only assume Maven are happy to let SI Swimsuit fail this year so they can fire everyone with cause.
  3. I guess MJ decided that she really didn't want a male audience, and she would burn everything down on her way out the door. Samantha Hoopes' nipples genuinely get 1000x the average views for SI swimsuit content, but MJ is more interested in rehabilitating her image than making money for her employer.
  4. I suspect the athletes will be much hotter than the models again.
  5. Delivered body dysmorphia plastic surgery.
  6. Yu Tsai announced he was going to be shooting for 10 days, then the issue got pushed back to May. MJ et al are not on location. Did something get cancelled? I hope this isn't the beginning of the end.
  7. They don't list the actual allegations, just that there are at least 3 of them against him. He could actually be gay, but there is plenty of weirdness in his interactions with women e.g. https://youtu.be/1_i3lPzPzBU?t=150
  8. I noticed Yu Tsai made the shitmodelmgmt blacklist. Not surprising when you see him fondling the models in SI vids. But they play that for laughs. So much for #MeToo
  9. They keep reposting the Samantha Hoopes video on Facebook: it is up to 5 million views. I wonder which SI care about more: headlines on other sites, or actual pageviews.
  10. Thanks to those scans I was able to try their augment reality app... LOL what a piece of crap. You get a amateurish and creepy 3D model of Danielle that you can rotate a little bit, and that is it. Maybe instead of this bullshit they could get some web developers who can create a page that actually lists the 2018 videos.
  11. Does anyone know if SI have anything on snapchat this year? I haven't seen anything. They have a custom filter (https://www.si.com/swim-daily/2018/02/13/virtual-augmented-reality-behind-scenes-si-swimsuit) so it seems very dumb to not even put up a single story. They also seem to have forgotten to post a bunch of "uncovered" vids, but that is par for the course. The lifevr "vr" stuff is garbage by the way. The same tiny model a mile away in a 360 video as last year, and not like the one year where they realised the point of it was to be able to look up and down the model. I haven't been able to try the augmented reality stuff as I can't get a copy of the magazine here.
  12. I think Walter Iooss just got too old for the travel (he is 74). But you are probably right about Macari: the kind of "powerful" shots they tend to do with the athletes are more similar to his own personal work.
  13. This could also factor into pay negotiations for next year. ROTY = more $$. And I bet Erin cost a lot more than Kelly to begin with.
  14. I would imagine they have already edited the rookie of the year video, so they have to ensure that model wins.
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