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  1. My favorite book is Angel and Demon. Its really a great book to read.
  2. Baby I like it by Enrique feat Pitbull I think this song is the best new year gift to me.
  3. The Club Cant even Handle me right now by Florida I really need its karaoke as i want perform it in my university.
  4. Thought radio is a very good option to listen different kind of music, i always turn off my radio.Actually I always prefer to listen music online.So i dnt need radio.I can play any music at any time in youtube.
  5. I generally listen music in my mobile phone with headphones.I also listen music in my laptop.
  6. The Club cant even handle me Right now- Florida
  7. Good. Waiting for the end- Linkin Park
  8. Some songs what I can remember noe are: 1. Waiting for the end- linkin park 2. Burning in the sky- linkin park 3. Baby- Justin Bieber 4. Love the way you lie- Eminem and there are also much more.......................................................
  9. I also like metal but some times.I mainly like Iron Maiden because their songs are not too hard like others and i can understand the lyrics of their songs. But Lamb of God is beyond my resist.
  10. As a solo guitarist I think Slash is best. His new solo album is coming on 2012.I am eagerly waiting for this.
  11. One of the best album of 2011 is of course "A Thousand Suns" by Linkin Park. According to me its the best album of Linkin Park.
  12. Baby by Justin Bieber. I like this particular sons only.But i really dnt like other songs of Justin Bieber.
  13. She is really a nice tennis player.She has a great skill and also great techniques in tennis.But the main problem of her is she is not consistent in her performance.So now a day its really hard to find her name in tennis ranking and even in tennis court.
  14. Now a day my favorite movie is The Dark Knight. I really like and love this movie.
  15. I am really dying to watch this movie. But I still didnt get chance to watch this movie. Hope this weekend I will able to watch it. But my friends have a mixed opinion avout this movie. So I am really confused. Dnt know it will be worth to watch or not. So lets hope for the best.
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